The 2017 Hellfest Open Air Festival Lineup Has Been Revealed


The 2017 Hellfest Open Air Festival will be taking place from June 16th-18th in Clisson, France next year, and the final lineup has now been confirmed. Continue reading

Black Metal Festival Shut Down Over Protests Of Anti-Fa Groups



In a story Ghost Cult has been following the last few days, this past weekend’s Messe des Morts festival was interrupted and ultimately shutdown over the inclusion controversial Polish band Graveland.Continue reading

Messe des Morts Begins Today, Anti-Fascist Protests Expected


The acclaimed underground kvlt festival Messe des Morts starts today in Montreal, Canada. However, the exclusive event that only expects about 250 attendees (including bands) will face protests from Anti-Fa related groups planned for the entire weekend. Continue reading

Messe des Morts Festival Books Mgla, Ulcerate, Aosoth, Zhrine, Phoboscom


The top black metal festival in Canada takes place soon at the 6th Annual Messe des Morts will take place from November 24th -26, at Piranha Bar (Genèse) and at Théâtre Plaza (Psaumes I and II) in Montréal. Continue reading

Monarque – Lys Noir

LYSNOIR Monarque is a one man black metal project from Quebec. Dabbling in the realm of depressive suicidal black metal (DSBM), despite being relatively melodic, Lys Noir (Sepulchral Productions) is unapologetically raw. Much of the melody on the album comes from keyboards that play under the buzz of the guitar. The use of keyboards on the album is very tastefully done, ensuring that any risk of cheesiness is comfortably avoided. Remaining firmly in the background, and allowing the riffs to take centre stage, the keyboard merely adds another textural layer to the album.Continue reading