EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Model Stranger – “Breaks My Heart”

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Have you ever heard a band so familiar, you swear you know them from somewhere, but can quite place it? This is the curious case of the Chicago power trio Model Stranger! Their sound straddles Classic Rock, Alternative, Indie, and some other flavors in their wild sound. The band makes great songs, with smart lyrics, hook-laden choruses, and earworm licks. This is all evident on their new single, “Breaks My Heart!” Ghost Cult brings you the music video, a performance clip that will make you miss the raw urgency of rock shows!


When asked about the live version of “Breaks My Heart” bassist Kevin James said “The live performance for ‘Breaks My Heart’ was shot at Fort Knox Studios, our rehearsal space in Chicago. We spent countless hours writing and recording “Phases” there so what better place to capture it live than where it was conceived! We decided to put out a live performance of the first single off of “Phases” since all of our shows have been postponed. We wanted to capture the raw live essence of us as performers on this new body of work. This gives listeners, both old and new, a taste of where Model Stranger is going…and also what we look like having been in quarantine for months now.”

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