The Science of Noise – An Interview with Dark Tranquillity

Dark-Tranquillity-2013 Dark Tranquility are one of the leading exponents of the Gothenburg melodic death metal movement and almost twenty five years after their inception the band is as vibrant as ever. Construct, their latest album, marks quite a departure in their trademark sound. Vocalist Mikael Stanne reveals to Ghost Cult the secret to a quarter of a century of success…Continue reading

Neurotic Deathfest Report – 013 Tilburg, NL

Iniquity Every avid fan of death metal drools with pleasure when Neurotic Deathfest comes to town again. The event started out as the Rotterdam Deathfest, but from 2006 on, it became the Neurotic Deathfest. Each year the line-up becomes better. This is reflected in the amount of foreign visitors coming to Tilburg to be a part of the biggest indoor death metal festival in Europe. On behalf of Ghost Cult Friso van Daalen (FD) and Mitchell Scheerder (MS) were on the scene to report…Continue reading