EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Milquetoast – “Space Force”

Benny Stucker (IG: benny_stucker)

Benny Stucker (IG: benny_stucker)

Indiana power trio and lords of the funderground Milquetoast will drop a new album, Caterwaul, on January 28th, 2022 via the esteemed purveyors of badassery – Wise Blood Records. The band has teamed up with Ghost Cult today to drop their new single “Space Force” in all its aural glory. But don’t be fooled by its epic surf-punk, Tarantino-soundtrack on crack cool intro, as it devolves into a sludgy Melvins-inspired middle section, before spazzing out again. Although rooted in hardcore, stoner rock, and metal, this band continues to surprise us with each new track. Caterwaul was mastered by Chris Fielding of Conan and recorded and mixed by Tucker Thomasson (Throne of Iron). Artwork by Ellie Shvaiko (IG: bun_aus_nord). Sign up for the “Space Force” right now!

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Various Artists – Meantime Redux


Helmet will go down as one of the greatest and most influential bands ever. This fact is undisputed. Coming out of new York City at a time when a generation of bands bred on New York Hardcore values married to the talent of thrash bands (with some general avant-garde weirdness for good measure), Helmet stood out like a sore thumb of weirdness. Continue reading