ALBUM REVIEW: Olkoth – At The Eye Of Chaos


For seven years, the members of South Carolina-based Olkoth stewed over themes of horror and corruption. Interposed with a visceral hatred, At The Eye Of Chaos (Everlasting Spew Records) is the resulting debut full-length.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Frozen Soul – Glacial Domination


The production is as smooth as ice. The riffs and musicianship are chilly. Combined, this record is no doubt a stone-cold killer… Now with all the puns out of the way, let’s get to the meat and bones of the phenomenal record that is Glacial Domination (Century Media), the sophomore long-player from the Texas-based death metal act, Frozen Soul, who, to the uninitiated, has been deservedly lumped in with like-minded and acclaimed modern acts such as Undeath and 200 Stab Wounds. The eleven tracks are the culmination of blue-collared musicians laying down white-collared death metal. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Death Goals – A Garden Of Dead Flowers


Imagining what sounds the absence of something emits can be as intangible as it is incomprehensible. A garden of dead flowers, for example, would presumably lack much in the way of disturbances or noises. Yet, Death Goals penned a soundtrack for that scene and it’s deranged, cantankerous, and irrepressible.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Defiled – The Highest Level


With album artwork that looks like Job For A Cowboy meets a color run, the latest chapter in the death-metal saga of Defiled’s career is no less domineering or pounding than anything else the Tokyo-based band has delivered during their multi-decade existence.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Fires In The Distance – Air Not Meant For Us



Fires In The Distance do not do anything halfway.

Since 2021’s debut Billboard-charting opus Echoes From Deep November, the melodic doomsters set out on a course to carve out their colossal identity. As a response, Air Not Meant For Us transcends music. With larger-than-life compositions and stunning atmospherics, the Prosthetic Records release averages nine minutes a song and impressively builds on FITD’s earlier success.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Dawn Of Ouroboros – Velvet Incandescence


Since the release of their single and accompanying music video, the anticipatory excitement for Dawn Of Ourboros’ sophomore record has been palpable, to say the least.

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EP REVIEW: Veiled – The Black Rite


United Kingdom-based bruisers Veiled opted to release ‘Relinquished’ as the first single to give a taste of what was to come in the form of EP The Black Rite (Seek & Strike). Continue reading

EP REVIEW: Fit For An Autopsy – Thy Art Is Murder – Malevolence: The Aggression Sessions


Metal is allowed to be fun, especially when three heavyweights collide in a tri-split that not only features original songs from each, but unlikely cover tracks which allow for displays of versatility.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Lamp Of Murmuur – Saturnian Bloodstorm

For forty uncertain, eerie and downright unsettling minutes, black metal project Lamp Of Murmuur grips the listener with a sturdy hand and refuses to let go until fear, disgust and melancholy take over.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Gideon – More Power More Pain

Eschewing hip-hop elements and influences, Alabama hardcore outfit Gideon returns with a metallic, crunchy slugfest that is More Power More Pain (Rude Records/Equal Vision), the bruisers’ sixth full-length record.

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