Black Sabbath – 13

Iconic. Revered. Pioneers. Influential. Just a few words that describe the legendary Black Sabbath. Add one more. Reunited*. Note the asterisk, however. Vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi, and bassist Geezer Butler have teamed up for the first time in 35 years but they did it without drummer Bill Ward. RATM’s Brad Wilk takes over on skins for 13, the Sab 4’s first album of new material since 1978’s Never Say Die! The Rick Rubin produced 13 sounds like Black Sabbath should sound in 2013. It’s been said that Sabbath are guilty of recycling their own riffs here but it’s more a case of Sabbath sounding almost exactly like Sabbath. It’s a trait that has appeared polarizing to critics but what did you expect? Continue reading

Hey Colossus – Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo

Hey-Colossus-Cuckoo-Live-Life-Like-Cuckoo-ArtworkIt’s perfectly acceptable to listen to Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo from British collective Hey Colossus and find yourself wondering what in Sam Hell is going on. And I think that’s at least part of the point. This isn’t a band aiming to make some profound philosophical revelation. They’re just well, a little cuckoo. Even the title of the album suggests that we not take ourselves so seriously. But CLLLC is seriously good. Continue reading

Hexvessel – Iron Marsh

hexvessel-300x300Transplanted Brit Mat “Captain Kvohst” McNerney and his merry band of Finns, Hexvessel continue to carve out the releases with their Iron Marsh EP. This companion piece to 2012’s No Holier Temple actually stands quite well on its own. In fact, this EP is my first exposure to their psychedelic doom/folk and I couldn’t be happier to have stumbled upon them. The spirit of discovery needs a spark, right? Continue reading

Winter Is Coming – An Interview With Norska

Norska 4Doom dealers Norska brought the heavy with last year’s self-titled album. Ghost Cult Writer Matt Hinch awakened guitarist/vocalist Jim Lowder from the hibernation induced by the frigid American North West winter to dig deep within the band’s history, influences and the writing process.. Continue reading

The Monolith Deathcult – Tetragrammaton

TDMC - TetragrammatonA little research indicates that “Tetragrammaton” is a four-letter transliteration meaning “God” essentially.  So for Dutch entity The Monolith Deathcult (TMDC from here on in) to name their latest hour of death metal destruction after such a concept must mean the content within spreads it influence over all creation. While perhaps not as omnipotent as “god”, Tetragrammaton is worthy of a certain degree of reverence. Continue reading

Demon Lung – The Hundreth Name

demon-lung-the-hundredth-name-c78420The bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada have spawned a dark debut in The Hundredth Name by doom quartet Demon Lung. (And I just have to say, if Demon Lung isn’t the coolest fucking band name you’ve heard in a coon’s age, I don’t know what is.) The Hundredth Name is a concept album based on the film Warlock. Specifically the story follows the Son of Satan reassembling the Devil’s Bible, thus allowing the name of God to be spoken in reverse, undoing creation. Heavy stuff. Continue reading

Zolle – Zolle

Zolle - ZolleBefore I’d even heard a note from Zolle I read online somewhere someone downing the band, saying they were a joke and their label, Supernatural Cat, and the member of (the almighty) Ufomammut who guests on the album should be ashamed of their involvement. To whomever that was, you couldn’t be more wrong, brother. The self-titled debut from this Italian duo might be a little off the beaten path but that path less traveled makes for some mighty fine hiking! Continue reading

Swamp Metal Sounds Good – An Interview With Black Tusk

Black Tusk 1Black Tusk are a busy band. Between relentless touring, a new split 7’’ with Dead Yet? and an upcoming EP on Relapse, down time is hard to come by. Black Tusk guitarist/co-vocalist Andrew Fidler managed to squeeze in a call from Ghost Cult’s Matt Hinch to discuss just sich things and more. Continue reading