ALBUM REVIEW: Alter Bridge – Walk The Sky

Fifteen years into their career, Alter Bridge doesn’t get tagged with supergroup much, inspire of their clear affiliations to other major bands (Tremonti, Creed, Slash). However, they are a super group of music makers and songwriters. Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy do their best work together, and some of the best tracks of their lives on their new album Walk The Sky (Napalm Records). Continue reading

Sevendust – Tremonti: Live At The Paramount

In the music industry parlance, sometimes a Iine-up makes too much sense. For two bands with similar career arcs and having even been on festival bills together, it seems odd that Tremonti and Sevendust have never toured together in the USA. Both of them also have recent new albums out at the same time, another cool confluence of events. The Paramount was packed on this night, as it is for most shows if import. Both bands had a throng of fans in the house to see them.Continue reading

Alter Bridge – Live At The Royal Albert Hall feat. The Parallax Orchestra

The first thing that strikes you during the sumptuous, slow-build to opening track ‘Slip To The Void’ is how perfect the marriage of Alter Bridge and The Parallax Orchestra is; Myles Kennedy’s vulnerable, melancholic introduction is subtly embellished by the swells of strings before the dramatic introduction of the guitars and the rest of the band is powerfully bolstered for the heavy verse, with perfect accentuation following on the middle eight.Continue reading

Tremonti – A Dying Machine

In the shadow of such arena stomping colossi as Creed and Alter Bridge, Mark Tremonti’s solo venture has, in your scribe’s opinion up until now, felt lacking. Never being outright bad and often capable of huge songs (as you can expect from the driving force behind the two former), the previous Tremonti albums have not hit levels of adventurous writing that Alter Bridge, in particular, have been capable of, and at worst have felt fairly plodding and generic. Proving that fans of any of his works should never write him off, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that A Dying Machine (Napalm) is a step up for the Tremonti band in virtually every fashion.Continue reading

Revolver Music Awards Nominees Announced, Tickets On Sale Now


As previously reported by Ghost Cult last night the Revolver Music Awards, previously known as the Revolver Golden Gods Awards have made a comeback. Taking place December 13th in New York City, at Webster Hall, the event will be co-hosted by Jose Mangin and Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. The full list of nominees is now announced: Continue reading

Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy Of Alter Bridge Are The Latest Guests On The Jasta Show

the-jasta-show (1)

Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy are the latest guests on The Jasta Show Podcast hosted by Jamey Jasta.Continue reading

Tremonti – Cauterize


When Mark Tremonti released his eponymous solo album a couple of years back, the-really-quite-good-actually All I Was (FRET12), there was quite a lot of warmth for the Alter Bridge guitar maestro’s efforts. Several degrees heavier than his day job and eschewing the religiosity of his Creed hinterland, All I Was was a solid slab of heavy metal, occasionally inspired but never less than thoroughly modern, efficient and splendid evidence for the prosecution’s case that Tremonti was in the top rung of rock guitarists.

The arrival of this second record, the equally heavy, equally efficient and equally modern Cauterize (FRET12), suggests that Tremonti (as a band, rather than just an ego trip) might be a genuine going concern as Tremonti tries to keep up with band mate Myles Kennedy for the title of hardest working man in show business.

One’s reaction to Cauterize is going to be dictated by one’s reaction to All I Was. If you liked that record then you’re going to like this record. If you didn’t, well…you get the idea. Not that Cauterize is a pale imitation of its predecessor. In many ways, there has been a growth in confidence of the song-writing, song structures and the guitar playing is little short of sensational. However, it is the case that Tremonti’s work can be a bit of an acquired taste: it’s (you read it here first) clean metal. There is no back story about the band being some kind of vagabonds stumbling into artistic glory or troubled souls finding redemption through THE POWER OF ROCK. On the contrary, Tremonti and co seem like well adjusted, content and technically proficient musicians having something akin to a very good time indeed. For many, this simply won’t do; for me, I warm to the fact that they do exactly what it says on the (metal) tin.

Cauterize is a superbly produced record and has a sense of scale and power; it’s the sort of record that you find yourself singing along to and playing inadvertent air guitar and air drums on the train into work. This, of course, might just have been me. There’s a suitably stadium filling vibe to the anthemic ‘Fall Again’, a pummelling rock intensity to ‘Flying Monkeys’ and an instant ear worm from the album opener ‘Radical Change’. If there is criticism to be levelled at Tremonti it’s on two levels – firstly, it can be a bit samey and one trick pony-esque but, having said that, I also think it depends on whether you like the trick or not (and I do). Secondly, there is a bit too much of the double kick drum and predictable bridge to chorus levers. In other words, I would have liked a few more surprises.

Notwithstanding, I think Tremonti deserve our support. They don’t indulge in the caterwauling and howling at the moon injustice of having to tidy your bedroom beloved of so many supposedly hip bands: they are too old, too intelligent and too polite for that. Tremonti play modern heavy metal. Tremonti play modern heavy metal really well, actually. Cauterize might not set the world on fire but it might just singe it in places.




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Tremonti Releasing Cauterize June 8th, US Dates Confirmed


Alter Bridge and Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti will be releasing his second solo release Cauterize with his solo band Tremonti on June 8, 2015 via Fret 12 Records. The album was produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette, and features Tremonti (vocals and guitars), Eric Friedman (guitars), Wolfgang Van Halen (bass) and Garrett Whitlock (drums).

Stream the album trailer below.

Stream the lyric video for “Another Heart”

Cauterize Track Listing

01: Radical Change
02: Flying Monkeys
03: Cauterize
04: Arm Yourself
05: Dark Trip
06: Another Heart
07: Fall Again
08: Tie The Noose
09: Sympathy
10: Providence


Tremonti are also looking forward to hitting the road in support of the new album. However, the band will need to initially tour without bassist Wolfgang Van Halen due to the recently announced Van Halen US tour. “I am still part of TREMONTI and very excited for the release of ‘Cauterize’, but unfortunately am unable to participate in the upcoming dates due to my prior commitment with Van Halen for the summer tour in support of the Tokyo Dome Live In Concert album,” states bassist Wolfgang Van Halen. “Look forward to seeing all of the TREMONTI fans on the road as soon as my schedule permits!”

Confirmed tour dates are posted below:

Apr 25: Earth Day Birthday – Orlando, FL
Apr 26: Metropolitan Park (Welcome To Rockville) – Jacksonville, FL
Apr 28: The National – Richmond, VA (with Seether)
Apr 29: Machine Shop – Flint, MI (with Man The Mighty)
Apr 30: Bogart’s – Cincinnati, OH (with Seether)
May 02: Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ (with Seether)
May 03: Carolina Rebellion – Concord, NC
May 06: The Paramount – Huntington, NY (with Seether and Red Sun Rising)
May 09: Rise Above Fest 2015 – Bangor, ME
May 11: Highline Ballroom – New York, NY (with Shaman’s Harvest)
May 12: House of Blues – Cleveland, OH (with Seether)
May 13: The Egyptian Room – Alexandria, VA (with Seether)
May 15: Thalia Hall – Chicago, IL (with Man The Mighty)
May 16: Rock On the Range – Columbus, OH
May 17: Freakster’s Roadhouse – Pontiac, IL (with Man The Mighty)
May 19: Nashville War Memorial Auditorium – Nashville, TN
May 21: Iron City Bham – Birmingham, AL (with Black Stone Cherry)
May 22: Soul Kitchen – Mobile, AL (with Black Stone Cherry)
May 23: Club LA – Destin, FL (with Black Stone Cherry)

tremonti us tour leg

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