GUEST POST: Marius Sjøli of Fauna Timbre – Top Albums Of 2018

As we now countdown to the final few sleeps of 2019, it’s time to share more of these End of Year lists from our favorite bands, partners, music industry peers, and other folks we respect across the globe. Norwegian dark doom band Fauna Timbre released their excellent new EP, Altering Echoes recently via Red Orchard Records. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Marius Sjøli has shared his eclectic and thoughtful Top 10 albums of 2018.Continue reading

Self Spiller Re-Releasing Worms In The Keys On Vinyl On May 5th

self spiller worms in the keys

Experimental metallers Self Spiller will reissue their full length album Worms In the Keys on vinyl on May 5, 2015 via Varia Records. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies worldwide, each copy will be unique and come with handmade artifacts. No two copies will be alike.

The band is led by Agalloch bassist Jason Walton and features a vast range of musicians participating on this release:

Jason Walton (Agalloch, Sculptured, Celestiial)
Don Anderson (Agalloch, Sculptured)
Nick Loiacano (Climb To Zalem, El Rey)
Rob Kleiner (Tub Ring, Super 8 Bit Brothers)
Yamo (Patisserie)
Kuro (Patisserie)
Marius Sjoli (Formloff, Hollow Branches, Blekspetl)
Svein Egil Hatlevik (Fleurety, Dodheimsgard, Zweizz)
Robert Osgood (Hollow Branches)
Food Fortunata (Sockeye, Fossil Fuel)
Andy Winter (Winds, Age Of Silence)
Mirai Kawashima (Sigh, Necrophagia)
Dr. Mikannibal (Sigh)
Bernt Karsten Sannerud (Formloff)
Brock Bousfield (Nero’s Day At Disneyland, Strip Mall Seizures)

Worms In The Keys Track Listing:
01: The Event
02: Folds Of Skin To Lay
03: Like Three Asps
04: Therefore I Worship
05: Rot On Root
06: I Spit In The Stomach Of Zombies
07: Skite
08: Strong But Damaged

Self Spiller on Bandcamp