Atrocity – Okkult II

I have always had a lot of time and respect for Alexander Krull. Not only does he share a name with a vastly underrated and not at all terrible fantasy masterpiece (shut it, you…), but throughout his time as the main man of Atrocity he has constantly railed against just doing the straight up and normal, be that by releasing an eighties covers album about fifteen years before it was cool to do so, collaborating with darkwave könige, Das Ich, dark acoustic EP’s with Celtic folk singers, or by mixing massive Prong-ridden grooves with Death and Gothic metal on meisterstück, Blut (Massacre).Continue reading

Morgoth – God is Evil 7”


German death metal outfit Morgoth are back! God Is Evil (Century Media) is their first new music since 1996’s Feel Sorry for the Fanatic (Century Media), but for now they’re only providing a small taster of what is to come. The single contains two tracks from the forthcoming UnGod album, due next year.

Reminiscent of Death at their best, the title track is a technical number filled with plenty of time and style changes. Marc Grewe’s bark sounds as strong as ever, his pained screams adding to the sinister feel. ‘Die as Deceiver’ is more of a simple mid-tempo head-banger, not as intricate but no less enjoyable thanks to its infectious groove.

It may have been a long wait, but Morgoth have conjured up a great comeback single. If the band can keep quality to this level the full album should be a belter.



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