Maestus – Deliquesce

It’s staggering that a city supposedly renowned for everything that is good in life produces such harrowing music in abundance. Maestus’ sophomore album Deliquesce (code666), the full-length extension to their 2017 demo of the same name, is the latest slab of darkness to emerge from Portland, Oregon, and it paints a picture of bleak desolation.Continue reading

Maestus Streaming “Weeping Granite”

maestus voir dire

Pacific Northwestern blackened doomsters Maestus is streaming “Weeping Granite”, off of their debut full length Voir Dire via a joint venture between Domestic Genocide Records and Glossolalia Records, here.

Comprised of Stephen Parker (Arkhum) and Jarrod Hyam (Sophos), with Kenneth Parker (Grst) and Cordell Cline (Dimensionless) recently enlisted to fulfill rhythm duties, Voir Dire was engineered and mixed during the Summer months of 2014 at Parker’s own The Wilderness studio and delivers seventy-four minutes of heart-blistering grimness, concluding with a four-part epic, ‘Opaque Shadows In Framed Stillness,’ the duration of which makes up nearly half the record’s length. Mastered by Agalloch‘s Jason Walton at Earth In Sound in October 2014, Voir Dire integrates black metal, doom and ambient, resulting in a caustic yet lush confessional.

Voir Dire Track Listing:
01. Shrouded by Peaks, Valleys Speak
02. Weeping Granite
03. Tears of Sky
04. Algid Lungs
Opaque Shadows In Framed Stillness:
05. I: Overcast Fields Ridden With Dew
06. II: Specie Æternitas
07. III: Water Sifting Through Iceladen Veins
07 V: Per Æternitas

Feb 27: Wandering Goat – Eugene, OR (Record Release Show w/ Facing Extinction, Dark Confidant, Black Woofer)

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