Roadburn 2016 Announces More Bands, Resident Artist Named

Roadburn 2016 official poster

Roadburn Festival has added some more stellar names to the bill with Amenra, The Skull, Green Carnation, La Muerte, Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand, Of The Wand And The Moon, Lychgate, and Chaos Echoes now added. Also renowned comic book illustrator and artist Becky Cloonan is the official Roadburn poster artist for 2016.

Roadburn 2016 Amenra

This announcement follows the previous one, naming Lee Dorian as the curator, and Neurosis and Paradise Lost in two of the headline slots.


Roadburn takes place between 14 – 17 April 2016 at the 013, in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Tickets go on sale October 2nd.

Three-day (Thursday – Saturday) and four-day (Thursday-Sunday) will be available to purchase from 9pm CET via for €165 and €185 respectively. Day tickets for Sunday only will be available, priced at €39. A limited number of individual day tickets for the remaining days will be released for sale at a later date.

Lychgate – An Antidote For The Glass Pill


“Uncanny Valley” is a phrase originally coined in the field of aesthetics to describe the feeling of revulsion caused by things which look and move almost but not exactly like natural beings, but has since been used to describe anything which familiar but different enough to be unsettling, creepy and… well… uncanny. The easiest way to describe Lychgate’s second album would be a combination of Symphonic Black Metal and Funeral Doom, but though that’s technically true fans of those two genres are likely to be a little creeped out by Lychgate’s approach to both.

One of the most audible ways in which Lychgate stand out is their use of keys, especially the near-omnipresent Church Organ. Nothing new itself, of course, but rather than simply garnishing riffs or creating “atmospheric” space-filler, Lychgate frequently use their organ (tee hee) as a lead instrument, creating a genuinely unsettling sense of otherness in those used to more conventional Metal songwriting. The production lends further weight to this impression, the guitars taking on a cold, clipped feeling that times calls to mind old Castlevania soundtracks.

Both of these things would be irrelevant, of course, without the song-writing to back them up, and Lychgate continue to buck both Black Metal and Doom orthodoxy with broken, nightmarish compositions that draw as much from Prog and psychedelia as from any Metal sub-genre. Greg Chandler (also of Esoteric) uses his distinctively damaged-sounding vocals to lend further emotional weight to an alternately bombastic and ghostly selection of songs.

This is Black Metal for people who like the idea of Black Metal more than the reality. Doom for people who want to go beyond stolen Sabbath riffs and feedback. Prog Metal for people who wish the term didn’t have anything to do with Opeth. Simultaneously familiar and genuinely unusual, An Antidote For The Glass Pill (Blood Music) is likely to be one of the most interesting and distinctive releases in three over-saturated genres this year.