Lindsay Schoolcraft Shares Stunning Cover of The Cure’s “Lullaby”

After announcing her debut solo-album, Cradle of Filth Singer/Keyboardist has shared her cover of The Cure’s ‘Lullaby’. In the first taste of new music from her album, Schoolcraft flexes her considerable vocal talents on this unique take on a memorable song. We’re looking forward to hearing the originals on the album created with former Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray. Jam the track out now complete with a sick lyric video!Continue reading

Section H8 – Phase One

White noise feeds back into the listener’s ears. An overwhelming feeling of discomfort sets the stage for Phase One (Flatspot Records) to begin in riotous fashion. ‘A. D. (Anno Diabolus)’ starts with a slow, brooding bass and excerpts of a voice talking about “the demon” that “feeds on your hate”, before the screaming starts. As the band kick in underneath the yelped vocals, there’s a carnal urge to flip tables and spin kick like your life depends on it. In a mere forty seconds, Section H8 are able to tap into the base urges of humanity’s inherently violent nature and get your adrenaline pumping like a shot to the heart. Continue reading