REVIEW: Bloodywood – Armada of Secrets – Pulverise – Tormenta: Live at Rebellion Rock Bar, Manchester (UK)

While I patiently waited in line to enter one of the most beloved metal and rock venues the North of England has to offer (Namely, Rebellion Rock Bar) I somehow got talking to a guy in front of me who aligned himself with, in his own words, “the communal religions”. While practices such as paganism, druidism and a vague belief in “old ways” will be familiar to anyone with a vague knowledge of folk metal themes, it became quickly apparent to me that Bloodywood, a band characterized by their fusing of traditional Indian instrumentation with the groove-laden riffage of nu-metal, is rapidly becoming an important band in the lives of many since they went viral in 2017. It seemed to me that the tribalism and brotherhood of this six-piece promote played a part in aiding this guy through depression, and for a band as young as they are, I was immediately intrigued by what they had to offer.Continue reading

Tramlines Fringe Festival Live at Sheffield City Hall

I arrive to find Trigger Thumb just on stage, with a quite busy and appreciative crowd in front of them. The room is already warm and echoing, though neither of these things seems to put off either audience nor band, despite the slight disservice done to Trigger Thumb by this. Even from the third song in, there are noticeably more heads nodding along and more movement in the crowd from earlier, as the Bradford 3-piece start to quickly work over the crowd, with vocalist/guitarist Arron’s self-deprecation between songs raising a number of smiles around the room, as he says, We are Trigger Thumb and we are losers”. Musically, they veer between noisy Math Rock and some quite delicate guitar and vocals, showing an homage, at least, to The Mars Volta, whilst nods to the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Faith No More pop through at various times. They perform their set with a minimum of fuss and thoroughly earned the loud applause they garner at the end of their set.

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Otep – Psycho Village – My Own Ghost – Thola: Live at the Bread Shed, Manchester (UK)

Often labeled as past its peak, or sometimes worse, Nu-Metal is one of those subgenres that is loathed by some and loved by others, but by some weird paradox has never failed to maintain its relevance or draw a crowd. Though djent and post Killswitch Engage metalcore is all the craze these days, I always enjoy pointing out to the naysayers that very few bands in either scene have amassed a gargantuan fanbase on the level of a Slipknot, Korn or Deftones. It is a genre that for many a metalhead such as myself and those I encountered tonight at The Bread Shed, was the first to expose them to heavy music, and its importance has clearly endured through California’s Otep, who arrive on UK shores for the first time in almost two decades for their “Art of Dissent” tour. Continue reading

Bullet For My Valentine And Killswitch Engage At O2 Academy Birmingham

Bullet For My Valentine and Killswitch Engage by Luke Denham Photography

Bullet For My Valentine And Killswitch Engage

At O2 Academy Birmingham, UK 12- 06-2016

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