Steel Panther – Lower the Bar

One of the nice things about a band like Steel Panther is that, like a box of chocolates, you always know what you’re gonna get. And with the Panther, you get the chocolate too; vocalist “Michael Starr” dips right in on the opening track of Lower the Bar (Open E), dropping this little nugget of wisdom: “Sometimes the back door is the only way in.” Continue reading

Steel Panther Is Streaming Lower The Bar Online

Steel Panther will be releasing Lower The Bar tomorrow via Kobalt Music Recordings, but you don’t have to wait any longer to hear the latest offering from the self-proclaimed greatest heavy metal band ever. Continue reading

Steel Panther Announces 2017 Girls In A Row Tour Dates

Steel Panther, by MasterPhelps Photography

Steel Panther will be releasing Lower The Bar on March 24th via Kobalt Music Recordings, and they’ve just announced new tour dates in support of the upcoming record. Continue reading

Steel Panther Releases Anything Goes From Lower The Bar

Due to Stix Zadinia’s “addiction” treatment, Steel Panther had to push back the Lower The Bar release date to March 24th, but to make up for it, they’ve unleashed a brand new song. Continue reading

Steel Panther Releases She’s Tight Video And Lower The Bar Details


Steel Panther fans rejoice! They’ve just announced that they will be releasing Lower The Bar on February 24th, and we have the first video from their upcoming album. Continue reading