Parkway Drive – Killswitch Engage – Thy Art Is Murder: Live At Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham (UK)


Parkway Drive has had to deal with their fair share of grief. In the last few years their close friends in The Ghost Inside were involved in a life-altering bus crash that claimed the lives of two drivers. Their good friends and Metalcore cohorts, Architects, lost a brother and founding member, Tom Searle, and Parkway frontman, Winston McCall lost his best friend and faithful companion Monty, his beloved dog who died in his arms. Grief is a powerful motivator, and goes some way to explaining the stylistic shift seen on Parkway’s latest album, Reverence (Epitaph).Continue reading

Biohazard – Death Threat – Death Before Dishonor – Sworn Enemy at the Presidents Rock Club, Quincy MA

Ajax 10 What a venue name for one of the most ignant shows I have laid eye and fist upon to date. After some difficulty with finding the guest list, I was admitted inside despite my age not being quite 21. Whoops. Thanks Colin (of Arabia?) for the oversight!Continue reading