Zaum – Divinations

A histrionic chime of a small bell is the first noise that greets the listener. It seemingly summons spiritual moans and groans that echo in the proverbial temple of Zaum‘s oeuvre. ‘Relic’ begins placidly, slowly building its way up to the riff that forms the song’s centrepiece, and when that riff arrives it is a blissful moment. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Undead Prophecies – “Suffocated Vanity”

Death Metal kvlt band Undead Prophecies release their new album, Sempiternal Void, tomorrow 22nd of March 2019 via Listenable Records. Their identities shrouded in mystery, little is know about the band save for their faith and reverence for classic old-school brutal music. Ghost Cult brings you this exclusive stream of the track ‘Suffocated Vanity’ right now! Continue reading

Undead Prophecies – Sempiternal Void

I’m beginning to notice a bit of a trend amongst modern Death Metal bands, and by beginning to notice I mean this has probably been happening for a while now. Loads of newer acts like Horrendous and Gruesome are quite eager to strap on the Nike high tops, leather jackets and reminisce about the good old days when guys like Chuck Schuldiner and his outfit Death were blowing the Thrash dudes out of the water with albums like Scream Bloody Gore or Spiritual Healing. Undead PropheciesSempiternal Void (Listenable Records) sure as shit sounds like they’ve been inhaling the ash of whatever’s left of Morrisound Recordings. Continue reading

Fister – No Spirit Within

US miserabilists Fister reside in a dank, filthy corner of Doom, with a sound that is downright evil. It should come as no surprise that their touring buddies include the monstrous Primitive Man, peddling as they do a similarly hate-filled, toxic crawl.Continue reading

Adagio – Life

Times have been rather tumultuous for French progressive metal stalwarts Adagio since the release of their last album Archangels In Black (Listenable) way back in 2009. A continuing series of vocalist setbacks saw numerous changes in that time, with the latest seeing Mats Levén single year duration come to an end with him being succeeded by Kelly Carpenter. Jelly Cardarelli and Mayline Gautie have also joined as drummer and violinist respectfully. A mammoth wait for an album was also heightened by a crowdfunding campaign, and thus, the promise of big things to come. Now finally the follow-up arrives, revealing what is their most ambitious work to date, which sadly is not entirely a saving grace. Continue reading

Lock Up – Demonization

Yes, it’s a cliché, and no, I don’t care if writing professors from here to hell say to avoid clichés at all cost, but Heinz was on to something… It has been six years since Lock Up’s last album, and three years since Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth) replaced much-beloved vocalist Tomas Lindberg and very simply, good things come to those who wait. Continue reading

Lock Up Releases Mindfight From Demonization


Lock Up will be unleashing their new album, Demonization, in March of 2017 via Listenable Records, and the first single has made it’s way online. Continue reading

The Order Of Apollyon – The Sword And The Dagger


With their homeland having become a noticeable entity for black metal at its most experimental, nauseating and evil best, it is no surprise that black/death metallers The Order Of Apollyon hail from the land of France. In fact, The Order… were actually instigated and led by a prime member of influential Asosoth, namely B.S.T, as their debut saw an impressive who’s who of extreme metal, but sadly with fine if uninspiring results. Five years on sees the follow up, The Sword And The Dagger (Listenable), an altered lineup, and a greater sound of purpose.

Surprisingly coming from the scene that they originate, TOOA’s sound is fairly accessible considering it is drawing from both death and black metal; at times simultaneously. Much of this is down to its precise, contemporary sounding production which avoids the sludgey, dissonant feel; sharing more with some of their ‘cleaner’ counterparts. Much can also be pointed towards its more tuneful segments which take their cues from melodic death metal, albeit from the heavier spectrum such as the likes of Hate.

Not that is easy listening by any stretch, as it veers from guttural death metal and piercing black metal with a subtle but definite experimental nature, such as on ‘Al’ankabout’ with its slight Middle Eastern vibes and a grinding, doom like crawling passage. This album has several sides to it, but displays it all with impressive fluidity, and, whilst it may have easy to spot reference points at times, it all comes off in a worthy and formidable manner.

With its extreme metal ranging from several different roots and its bouts of experimentation – combined with its comparatively polished production – The Sword And The Dagger proves not only a vast improvement over its predecessor, but also potential to be a valid entry point for metal fans who are looking for something a little more challenging.

A solid album, and a good grounding, that could be the beginning of something all the more special.


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Armageddon Hires New Vocalist

Armageddon. Photo credit: Keith Marlowe

Armageddon. Photo credit: Keith Marlowe

Armageddon, the metal outfit featuring former Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott, has brought in Antony Hämäläinen (Nightrage, Nervosia, Merdian Dawn) to be their new vocalist. He replaces Matt Hallquist, who sang on their latest release, Captivity & Devourment, which came out on January 26, 2015 via Listenable Records. The CD was mixed by Fredrik Larnemo at Studio Recordia and mastered at Stockholm Mastering.

Armageddon commented:

“We’re happy to announce that Antony Hämäläinen has accepted the position as full-time vocalist for Armageddon. We are looking forward to working with him, as he brings great energy to the band, both on and off stage.”