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letlive. Release “Fake History” Demos For their Albums 10th Anniversary

letlive. has shared the demos of their acclaimed Fake History album in celebration of album’s tenth anniversary as a “pay what you want” release, out now via 333 Wreckords Crew Bandcamp page. The label is owned by letlive. frontman and current Fever333 leader and vocalist Jason Aalon Butler. Fake History was reissued by legendary indie punk label Epitaph in 2011 and the album received high praise from media and fans alike, ranking highly in end of year lists by esteemed publications.letlive. went on to become one of the greatest bands of the decade.Continue reading

Fever 333 – Strength in Numb333rs

Confession time: I came late to the letlive. party. So late, in fact, that the band were just about to call it a day when I decided that they were, you know, more than just pretty good. Yes, that kind of late. Despite the break-up, and whatever the reasons and rationales behind it, you always had a sense that an artist as talented and inquisitive as Jason Aalon Butler would soon return to the music scene in some form or another. And so it has proven with Fever 333, his latest project and passion.Continue reading

Monuments – Phronesis

Back in the early days of the djent scene, British metallers Monuments were seen as one of the early originators of the style and rose alongside the likes of Textures and TesseracT (plus, of course to some influential degree Meshuggah and SikTh), yet seemed slower than most to ride the tide of momentum, with a full-length debut release coming significantly later than other bands from that cadre.Continue reading

letlive. Announces Breakup, No Further Activities Planned

Post-Hardcore and Metalcore leaders letlive. have announced their immediate breakup this weekend in a post via social media. The influential and successful bands’ breakup has sent a shockwave through the music community with peers and fans expressing their dismay on social media. Their final album, If I’m The Devil was released last fall via Epitaph Records. Continue reading

Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award Show And Nominees Announced

Back in December we weren’t even sure if Metal Hammer would be around this year, but thanks to Future Publishing, they are, and it’s time for them to celebrate as only they know how. Continue reading

Ocean Grove – The Rhapsody Tapes

“Seek the antithesis: in any art form we engage with, there is need for inventive thinking that goes against uninspired standards. We grew up on music that bred fun and passion, perhaps that notion has been lost along the way”.Continue reading

wars – We Are Islands, After All

wars find themselves in the middle of a fork in the road when it comes to the modern Metalcore scene. Some acts turn to heavier ground, whilst others look to blur the lines between pop and rock, such as former genre front-runners Bring Me The Horizon.Continue reading