Led Zeppelin’s Debut Album Turns 50

Led Zeppelin has few peers on record in their fiery but brief career. Born from the crowded blues-rock wave, post-British Invasion 1960s, the band expertly and cleverly guess the tastes and whims of the growing music world and capitalized on them. Long gestated in Jimmy Page’s brain as a way to create his own band with a distinct identity that could touch many music bases, but not be commercial and weak. Page created Led Zeppelin and the album Led Zeppelin I (Atlantic) on the back of years of writing, planning, and plotting. The marriage of Jimmy Page’s writing and Robert Plant’s voice, in particular, is the secret sauce of the album and the early era of the band and what makes their debut one of the all-time greats. Continue reading

Led Zeppelin Creates 50th Anniversary Playlists

Fifty years ago this week, arguably the greatest band in rock n roll history was created as Led Zeppelin began recording Led Zeppelin I (Atlantic) together at the famed Olympic Studios in London. In the midst of a year of celebratory events and releases, the band has unveiled released three exclusive digital-only releases today on all digital download and streaming platforms. This includes a never before heard new mix of ‘Rock N Rock’. Continue reading