Twisted Tower Dire – Wars In The Unknown

Formed nearly a quarter of a century ago, Twisted Tower Dire is one of those bands that never made it big, but has always been likable and consistent in their music. This Virginia-based act has been rather quiet since their last release, Mark It Dark (Cruz del Sur Music) in 2011, but now they’re back with a much-anticipated new record. Their sixth full-length album, Wars In The Unknown (No Remorse Records), boasts about how this quartet can still accomplish solid and entertaining Heavy Metal. Continue reading

Stagewear Designer to Rock stars launches Kickstarter for Retail Line



Los Angeles based clothing designer Lindsay Hearts has built as career as a designer to famous musicians, basing her clothes off of the music that inspired her. Now she has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to begin creating a line for the public, made and manufactured in Downtown L.A. The campaign begin early this week and runs until mid-March:




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From the Press Release:

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with music and personal style. My favorite pieces to make have always been leather jackets – they instantly transform your look and energy the second you slip one on. I am so excited to make this dream a reality while creating jobs in America and maintaining the integrity of my vision.”

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