A Judge Refuses to Dismiss the Lawsuit Against Metallica for Their Canceled South American Tour with Greta Van Fleet

According to published reports from Blabebrmouth.net and www.BusinessInsurance.com, a Los Angeles state court has refused to dismiss pandemic-related event cancellation litigation filed by Metallica despite a virus exclusion in its coverage. This stems from a tour originally booked by Metallica with Greta Van Fleet during the pandemic that could not move forward. The California Superior Court held in Frantic Inc. v. Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s et. al. that it could not dismiss a lawsuit over a canceled South American tour at this preliminary stage of the litigation because a “proximate cause” has not been established as to what caused the loss involved.

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Man Who Was the Baby From the Cover of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” Album Sures The Band for “Child Pornography”

Spencer Elden, who as a baby was featured on the album artwork of Nirvana’s classic album Nevermind (Geffen) is suing the surviving members of the band and the estate of late frontman Kurt Cobain for Child Pornography charges and restituition acccording to a record from court records s obtained by TMZ. Elden alleges the image of the baby reaching for a dollar in a swimming pool violated federal child pornography statutes and argues child sexual exploitation.Continue reading

The Family of Chris Cornell Has Reached a Settlement Against his Former Doctor

According to reports from Deadline and Blabbermouth.net, the family of late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky Cornell, his children that are minors, and his doctor have reached a confidential settlement in a lawsuit in which she accused the physician of over-prescribing drugs that eventually caused the singer to commit suicide.

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A Federal Judge Has Recommend Dismissing Two of Vicky Cornell’s Claims Against Soundgarden

According to a report from Billboard.com, U.S. District Judge Michelle Peterson, working on the case between Vicky Cornell against the surviving members of Soundgarden, says there’s no evidence the band is withholding royalties from Chris Cornell’s widow. A federal judge in Washington state is recommending the court toss out two of Vicky Cornell’s six claims against the remaining members of Soundgarden, her late husband Chris Cornell’s band, so far.

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Ghost Loses its Trademark Claim Against British Ghost Vodka Brand

According to a report from Blabbermouth.net, Occult Swedish Heavy Metal band Ghost, led by Tobias Forge, has lost their case in Swedish court has lost their case against Ghost Drinks Ltd. The spirits maker makes a Gin using the group’s name, and Forge and his representatives claimed the vodka could conceivably have caused marketplace confusion. Ghost Drinks famously trolled the band on social media after the suit. The vodka company, which launched in June 2015, countered that Forge had known about their product since 2016. On December 22, the Swedish Patent And Market Court, which deals with intellectual property infringement and validity cases, issued a judgment saying that the term “ghost” is a generic word and is, therefore, free for Ghost Drinks to use. Continue reading

Ghost Threatens Legal Action to British Vodka Makers Ghost Vodka Over Name

Swedish Occult Heavy Metallers Ghost have sent a legal threat to Ghost, the hand-crafted British ultra-premium vodka, claim to have recently received a threatening legal letter from the representatives of the Swedish band Ghost over the sale of their product and use of photos of the band Ghost at The Grammy Awards. Ghost Vodka’s bottles feature a ghostly mask artwork on it, but other than the name have little in common with the band, that has also won several court cases defending their name. The vodka brand, which was apparently launched in June 2015, took to its Facebook page on Saturday (May 9) to share a manipulated photo of Ghost at the 2016 Grammy Awards, where the band won the “Best Metal Performance” category, with frontman Tobias Forge holding a Ghost vodka bottle instead of a Grammy. The vodka makers captioned the picture with the following message which includes a major dig at the band: “Recently we were rather bemused to receive legal correspondence on behalf of the Swedish band Ghost and their lead singer, Tobias Fitta Forge, informing us of action they wish to take against us for…..um….making vodka. As if 2020 wasn’t strange enough already. We will keep everyone up to date with developments on this matter as they happen because, if nothing else, we could all do with a good laugh at the moment.Continue reading

Former Members Of Ghost Bring A New Lawsuit Against Tobias Forge


In the ongoing saga of the band Ghost and their legal woes, four former members of the band who recently lost their case to former frontman Tobias Forge are looking to have a new trial instated. The four musicians believe the judge who ordered the dismissal of the lawsuit last month had a conflict of interest in overseeing the case since both he and Forge are members of the Swedish Order Of Freemasons (Swedish: Svenska Frimurare Orden). Forge was the founder of Ghost and claimed the former members here hired hands and not partners or equal in the band, with documents that were proven in court to back this up. The trial in Linköping District Court lasted for six days, and on October 17, a 108-page decision was released dismissing the case. The four former members were also ordered to pay Forge’s legal fees, which could amount to approximately $146,000 USD. Continue reading

Five Finger Death Punch Settles Lawsuit With Old Label, New Music Due Soon

At last the legal turmoil that has besieged hard rock headliners Five Finger Deth Punch for most of the last two years are over. The bans have settled its lawsuit with label Prospect Park and former manager Jeff Kwatinetz. With the suit over the band is set to release new music by the end of 2017. Details below.Continue reading

A Day To Remember Wins Their Lawsuit With Victory Records

A Day To Remember, photo credit James Hartley

A Day To Remember, photo credit James Hartley

Florida’s A Day To Remember has won their case against Victory Records. The result of the many years legal battle, ADTR has been awarded $4 Million USD in a summary judgement.Continue reading