Late For Nothing – An Interview With Iwrestledabearonce

iwrestledabearonceWhen Krysta Cameron left Iwrestledabearonce during the Warped Tour 2012 to concentrate on having a family (being pregnant isn’t really conducive to being a in metalcore band) it was up to lava-lunged Unicron vocalist Courtney LaPlante to fill the shouty void. And fill it she did; after the tour IWABO set about constructing their third album and follow-up to 2011’s It’s All Happening. The result was the astonishingly heavy Late For Nothing. Bassist Mike “Rickshaw” Martin arrived on time for Ghost Cult. Continue reading

Iwrestledabearonce – Late For Nothing

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE_lateTrying to put Iwrestledabearonce into a neat little genre box is almost as futile as attempting to fight against its awesome power. Typically brash and abrasive, Shreveport, LA’s noisiest output have retained their grizzly crown on third album, Late For Nothing (Century Media). Continue reading