Vandals Tried To Steal The“Welcome to Sky Valley” Sign Made Famous by Kyuss

The infamous Welcome To Sky Valley highway sign, from the classic Kyuss album of the same name from 1994, was almost stolen this week. The sign is located on Dillon Road in Desert Hot Springs, California and frequently sees fans drive by to visit the place that birthed Kyuss and really the entire Palm Desert scene movement. In a post to Facebook, Kyuss member Scott Reeder shared about how vandals tried to steal the sign this week and added a photo of him repairing the sign. Crazy. Continue reading

Brant Bjork – Jacoozzi

If Brant Bjork were to be run over by a bus – or presumably a greyhound on a remote stretch of road near Palm Springs – he could gladly croak, safe in the knowledge that his legacy is already more or less set in stone. Well, he did drum in Kyuss, and then there is the small matter of classic Desert Rock solo albums like 1999’s Jalamanta (Duna Rock)… Continue reading

Craneium – The Narrow Line

We might be in the run-up to Christmas, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop rocking. Finland’s Craneium have dropped a new album that will warm the heart and dispel the winter blues.

New release The Narrow Line (Ripple Music) is the second album from this Finnish quartet. Continue reading

Holy Grove – Holy Grove II

Formed in 2012 in Portland, Oregon, doomsters Holy Grove follow-up their 2016 debut Holy Grove (Heavy Psych Sounds) with the rather imaginatively titled Holy Grove II (Ripple Music).  Thankfully, the music contained on this weighty slab of metal is far more inventive than its moniker, as the band delivers five mighty tracks of absorbing progressive Cosmic Doom. Continue reading

Brant Bjork – Mankind Woman

Along with his Kyuss bandmates, Brant Bjork helped create and define Desert Rock. And, across a dozen more solo albums, he has stayed largely in the comfy confines of hazy, laid back stonerisms. Mankind Woman (Heavy Psych Sounds/RidingEasy), the man’s latest effort, feels like a man happy to jam whatever he’s fancies and put it out there. Continue reading

Brant Bjork Streams New Single – “Swagger and Sway”

Brant Bjork (Kyuss, Brant Bjork And The Bros, Low Desert Punk Band) will release the next chapter in his prolific career with a new solo album next month, Mankind Woman, on September 14 via Heavy Psych Sounds Records. Jam a new single from Brant, ‘Swagger & Sway’, right now! Continue reading

Nick Oliveri To Release New Compilation Album This Fall

Nick Oliveri, the inimitable bassist for bans like Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, Bloodclot, The Dwarves, many collaborations, as well as a deep solo career is releasing a new solo album, N.O. Hits At All: Volume 5. The compilation of rare and unreleased tracks will be released on October 12th on Heavy Psych Sounds Records. New music and pre-orders are coming soon.  Nick has been on tour all summer with his acoustic group Death Acoustic, with a few dates left this week. Continue reading

ASG – Survive Sunrise

Survive Sunrise (Relapse) sees the release of ASG’s sixth album, their first since Blood Drive in 2013. Recorded, mixed and mastered by longtime producer Matt Hyde, their latest offering continues the North Carolina outfit’s signature sound; a heady mix of both psychedelic and stoner rock, with strong Black Sabbath, Kyuss and Mastodon elements throughout, complete with their trademark, and rather striking, album art courtesy of Malleus (Editor’s note: a.k.a. Ufomammut), whose previous work includes Foo Fighters, The Melvins and Queens of the Stone Age. Continue reading

Black Moth – Anatomical Venus

Anatomical Venus (New Heavy Sounds), the third album from doomy Stoner Rock outfit Black Moth is the sort of album that can get those usually jaded rock critics very excited indeed. It has a number of leitmotifs that tick the proverbial boxes of listeners who tend to like their records to tick their proverbial boxes. If you think there is a “but” coming you’d be right as, for all the effort and invention, Anatomical Venus resolutely remains the sum of its parts. And that, somewhat disappointingly, is this record’s main problem. Continue reading