Nasty Drops New Video For “666 AM”, New Album Incoming

Belgium’s hardcore punk maniacs Nasty have signed with Century Media and will release their label-debut album Menace, 14-tracks of pure, pummeling musical violence on September 25th. The band has been crafting punishing metallic hardcore, since 2014. Fans of bands like Hatebreed, Knocked Loose, Kublai Khan, The Acacia Strain, and Vein; this will be your new favorite band and the band has toured with Suicidal Tendencies, Terror, Madball, Strife, Evergreen Terrace, Ramallah and played festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Hellfest, Graspop Metal Meeting, With Full Force, Resurrection Fest and more. The album cover was created by artist Michael Shantz (Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Your Demise). The band just shared their new video for “666AM”! Check it out

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ALBUM REVIEW: Kublai Khan – Absolute

On Absolute (Rise Records), Kublai Khan ticks off a lot of the boxes I’m looking for in modern Metallic Hardcore or extreme music, but something isn’t quite passing state inspection. They’re blending equal parts Hardcore and Metal fury, have meaty breakdowns, occasional Thrash tempos and happen to be from Texas. I should like this. Or I should like this a bit more. Continue reading

Warped Tour 2018 – The Final Run

It’s the final cross-country voyage of the Vans Warped Tour. Since 1995, the unofficial punk rock summer camp has introduced us all to iconic acts from Bad Religion to Katy Perry.Continue reading

New England Metal And Hardcore Festival 19, At The Worcester Palladium

The long running New England Metal And Hardcore Festival held its 19th annual event recently and the lineup was excellent. As usual, fans came from all of New England and even further reaches of musicdom to hangout and rock at the grand old lady of music venues in Massachusetts, The Worcester Palladium in Worcester, MA. Hillarie Jason covered the festival once again for Ghost Cult and shot the awesome pictures for this piece! Continue reading

The Acacia Strain Releases Their New Single Featuring Matt Honeycutt Of Kublai Khan

The Acacia Strain will be unleashing their new album, Gravebloom, on June 30th via Rise Records. As we’ve already heard in the ‘Bitter Pill’ single, this band has somehow gotten heavier, and we have another punishing new track for your ear holes today. Continue reading

New England Metal And Hardcore Festival Testament, Sabaton, Sepultura, Katatonia, Hammerfall, Prong And More


Sabaton, by Lisa Schuchmann

Sabaton, by Lisa Schuchmann

The long running New England Metal And Hardcore Festival returns for a 19th time with Testament, Sepultura, Prong, Kublai Khan, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Varials, Left Behind, No Zodiac, and Precious on Friday and Sabaton, Katatonia, Hammerfall, Amorphis, Caspian, Delain, Swallow The Sun, Battle Beast, Leaves Eyes, and Circuit Of Suns.

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Gift Giver Streaming “Cursed”

gift giver

Gift Giver is streaming “Cursed,” off their Century Media debut album Shitlife, out April 21, 2015 in North America, here.

Formed in the fall of 2012, Gift Giver gained notoriety and repute through their self-released EP, Daddy Issues, and constant touring through the US with acts such as Sworn In, Kublai Khan, Barrier and many more. Appearances at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, Skate and Surf Fest and Michigan’s own Dirtfest raised their profile even higher, making them one of the most buzzed about bands in the scene.

They recently announced their next US run of shows with Barrier, Villains, Traitors and Adaliah. Now they have just confirmed plans for a tour in March and April with Sworn In and The Plot In You.

gift giver tour poster

Gift Giver on tour
w/ Barrier, Villains, Traitors and Adaliah

Feb 28: Epic Problem – Tampa, FL
Mar 01: Propaganda – Lake Worth, FL
Mar 02: BackBooth – Orlando, FL
Mar 03: 1904 – Jacksonville, FL
Mar 04: Cloud Springs Deli – Ringgold, GA
Mar 05: Inside Out Venue – Troutville, VA
Mar 06: Underwood Skatepark – Taylor, PA
Mar 07: The Wild Bull – Paterson, NJ
Mar 08: DV8 – Providence, RI
Mar 09: Heirloom Arts Theatre – Danbury, CT
Mar 10: TBA – New York, NY
Mar 11: Bogies – Albany, NY
Mar 12: Broadway Joes – Buffalo, NY
Mar 13: The Outpost – Kent, OH
Mar 14: The Magic Stick – Detroit, MI
Mar 15: Bada Brew – Crest Hill, IL
Mar 16: The Metal Grill – Cudahy, WI
Mar 17: Amsterdam Bar and Hall – St. Paul, MN
Mar 18: Sokol Underground – Omaha, NE
Mar 19: The Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO
Mar 20: The Vanguard – Tulsa, OK

sworn in the plot in you i declare war gift giver

Gift Giver on tour
w/Sworn In, The Plot In You

Mar 29: Eagle Aerie Hall – Henderson, NV (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Mar 30: 191 Toole – Tucson, AZ (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 01: Dirty Dog – Austin, TX (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 02: Walters – Houston, TX (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 03: The Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 04: Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 07: Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, IA (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 08: The Metal Grill – Cudahy, WI (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 10: Mohawk Place – Buffalo, NY (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 11: Rum Runners – London, ON (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 12: Hard Luck Bar – Toronto, ON (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 14: Ritual – Ottawa, ON (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 15: Foufounes – Montreal, QC (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 16: Saint Claire Theater – Syracuse, NY (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 17: Bogies – Albany, NY (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 18: Heirloom Arts Theatre – Danbury, CT (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 19: New England Metal and Hardcore Festival – Worcester, MA
Apr 22: Game Changer World – Howell, NJ (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 23: Planet Trog – Whitehall, PA (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)
Apr 24: Double Happiness – Columbus, OH (w/ Sworn In, the Plot In You)

Gift Giver are:
Vocals – Justin Johnson
Guitar – Nick Miller
Guitar – Eric Snapper
Bass – Troy Wilson
Drums – Jake O’Shaughnessy


Gideon Announce Upcoming Tour Dates

gideon texas in july kublai khan silent planet tour

Gideon has announced an upcoming tour run with Texas In July, Kublai Khan and Silent Planet as support.

May 08: The End – Nashville, TN
May 09: Zydeco – Birmingham, AL
May 10: The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
May 12: The Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO
May 13: Double Happiness – Columbus, OH
May 14: Basement Transmissions – Erie, PA
May 15: Empire – Springfield, VA
May 16: Facedown Fest – Pomona, CA
May 17: Skate And Surf Festival – Asbury Park, NJ
May 19: Bogies – Albany, NY
May 20: Le RItz PDB – Montreal, QC
May 21: Ritual – Ottawa, ON
May 22: Sneaky Dees – Toronto, ON
May 23: Bled Fest – Howell, MI

Interview: Mike Milford of Artery Recordings

artery foundation logo

One of the fastest rising new recording labels is Artery Recordings, a Sacramento, CA based record label and management company that began in 2010 with band manager Eric Rushing and Scars of Tomorrow vocalist Mike Milford.

The company has launched the careers of high profile acts such as Attila, Chelsea Grin, Capture The Crown, and I Declare War. Much like many independent metal labels launching with its own respective mission, Artery Foundation has slowly built up their bands from the ground up and groomed them into what they are today.



“They’re doing good man. It’s been a good time for sure. We’ve got Attila, Chelsea Grin, and I Declare War. We just signed some new bands. We’ve got some up and comers – Upon This Dawning, Slaves, Kublai Khan. Kublai Khan is so awesome. It reminds me of early Bury Your Dead.”

Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan. Photo By Keith Chachkes.

Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan. Photo By Keith Chachkes.

“It’s cool to hear a new heavy sound come out again. Deathcore was the big thing there for a while. It seemed like every heavy band sounded deathcore. Kublai Khan came back and brought back that Bury Your Dead, mosh n’ roll, early Eulogy/early Victory days. This reminds me of some older stuff but kids are taken to that again,” he said.

Now Milford is based out of Portland, OR, and he is getting an opportunity to explore musical acts in an area where the region has been producing a number of quality acts that are also gaining a lot of attention.

“A lot of the bands are popping up out of that area. There’s a lot of style of bands than what we work with normally. I do a couple different type of bands. We aren’t genre specific. There isn’t anything specific that needs to be on our label,” he said.

“There’s a band out there I like called Standing On Satellites – they’re pretty good. They’re friends of mine. They helped me out this summer with the Artery tent on Warped Tour. They’re out there selling their own CDs on the tour every day. They did a good job.”

“There’s a lot of metalcore, metal or hardcore up there. It’s kind of died out there. There are a couple new Seattle bands that are popping up. I do have one band from up there – I Declare War. Jamie [Hanks, vocals] lives in Portland. The rest of the guys live in Seattle.

I Declare War

I Declare War

He used his experience from his band to mentor his bands, and giving them advice on what is best for them. But he admits there are obstacles towards a band making decisions, and does his best to guiding them in the best way.

“Here’s the thing that sucks about a lot of touring bands,” said Milford, about the dilemmas of being a touring band in modern times. “They got a giant head start and so therefore a lot of them are able to straight into these massive tours and they never had to pay their dues. The one thing I try to teach all of these bands I start off with is to appreciate every level of growing as a band. If the band comes up too fast, they’re gonna go away just as quickly. They’re not going to get the same benefits and experiences out of it.”

Mike Milford of Artery Recordings

Mike Milford of Artery Recordings

For over a decade, Scars of Tomorrow built their name from the ground up from their early moments in Orange County, CA, playing to small crowds and working their way up to playing festivals across Europe in front of 30,000+ people.
Milford tries to install a certain work ethic into each of his bands so they are prepared for the rigors of the road through his past experiences.

“A lot of them look up to what I did in my career. I think that’s really cool. ‘We see what you did. We see what you built from the ground up and you weren’t given anything. You had to work hard for it. I’ve had to instill that into a lot of newer bands. Don’t be ashamed to go play a city that’s six hours away from you coming up when there’s only 30 kids there. Go do it because those 30 kids will tell 30 more. A lot of bands will go ‘fuck that. We don’t wanna play that. There’s not gonna be 500 kids there. We’re not gonna go. Blah blah blah.’ “

“You have to go pay your dues. Bands like Bleeding Through – us and them used to play this place called Koos Café together to 50 to 100 people when the scene here first started. Bands today never had to build a scene. It was already built for them. I think finding a way to have a building point for a band, they have to build it correctly. Don’t expect everything to be handed everything right away. A career doesn’t work out that way.”

Interview By Rei Nishimoto

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