Corey Taylor Addresses Knotfest Meets Forcefest Catastrophe

In a story that Ghost Cult broke the news on worldwide, Corey Taylor of Slipknot has finally addressed the Knotfest Meets Forcefest debacle last fall. During the fests first day the barricade was smashed and the final bands (Slipknot and Evanescence) canceled without an announcement. Fans stormed the stage and destroyed gear while bands and crew felt unsafe. Luckily no one was seriously injured, but Slipknot has said very little since the incident that saw them not take the stage that weekend. Speaking to Rock Antenne before Slipknot’s February 9 concert at Olympiahalle in Munich, Germany, Taylor said about the Mexico City debacle (see video below): “The barricades were compromised. And breaking in — there were so many people that it was an absolute security issue. And they tried to fix it — I can’t even talk about it without rolling my fucking eyes — they tried to fix it with, like, bike racks. It was fucking insane. They were, like, trying to wire bike racks to this thing. You go hold 25 thousand people back with some bike racks. Are you fucking shitting me? Our production manager, our security team took a look at it and said, ‘I cannot sign off on this’ — for the public’s safety.Continue reading

New Details Emerge About Slipknot’s and Evanescence’s Cancellation of their Knotfest Mexico Sets


New details are emerging in a story Ghost Cult broke earlier today about last nights’ issues at Knotfest Mexico/Knotfest Meets Force Fest which saw Slipknot and Evanescence cancel due to safety concerns. Fans and bands/crew people are now reporting there were issues with the festival from the start, widespread panic and crowd violence once the bands were canceled. According to official and fan reports, the safety barricade was broken during Behemoth’s set and it was deemed that it was unsafe for either band to perform. According to numerous fan reports on Twitter and Facebook, no announcement was made during the show to quell fans unrest. Then new information has fans storming the stage and stealing /destroying Evanescense’s gear when it appeared they would not perform. Fires were set on the grounds and Slipknot decided not to perform at that point. Slipknot just made an official statement, beyond the original Knotfest Mexico notice which has now been removed. Evanescence made an apology to the fans and has promised to return their video message to fans. Slipknot originally vowed to perform today during Force Fest, but now have abandoned those plans in the new notice. We’ll update this story as more information is uncovered.Continue reading

Slipknot and Evanescence are Forced to Postpone their Knotfest Mexico Performances Due to Safety Concerns

The first day of Knotfest Meets Force Fest had an unfortunate end last night when the final two bands, Slipknot and Evanescence were unable to perform. Apparently the stage barricade broke during Behemoth’s set and it was deemed that it was unsafe for either band to perform. Fans waited around as the countdown clocks between bands elapsed. Fans turned to social media to express their disappointment, but ultimately the festival couldn’t continue with the major safety concern no band would play through. Slipknot has vowed to perform today during Force Fest and Evanescence has vowed to return in a video message to fans. We’ll update this story as more information is revealed. Continue reading

Slipknot Drummer Jay Weinberg Announces Workshop Next Month


Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg will participate in the Vans sponsored Loyal to the Craft Drum Workshop in Los Angeles, November 6th. It’s free and open to the public at House of Machines with an RSVP at the link below. Weinberg can next be seen at Knotfest Meets Forcefest and Knotfest Bogata.Continue reading