Candlemass, Coroner, Green Lung and More Booked for the Debut of Clang Metal Festival in Ireland

Clang Metal Festival will make its debut in 2022 and has announced a host of metal legends such as Candlemass, Coroner, Green Lung! It will be held Saturday March 26th 2022 in the National Stadium in Dublin, Ireland. Tickets are €64.90 including booking fee. Also on the bill The Modern Age Slavery, Klogr, Words That Burn, and The Risen Dread!

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Klogr – Make Your Stand EP

Kloger Make Your Stand EP cover 2015

Italian-American group Klogr have release their new EP Make Your Stand, and they really set expectations high on how to release an EP. It’s mostly due to the fact that along with the three brand new tracks, Make Your Stand also offers ten tracks from their past releases that was recorded live. It’s refreshing to see an EP that clocks in nearly at an hour. A live album and EP packed into one. Now how is the music?


Klogr play a form of alternative metal, walking along the thin line between rock and heavy metal. They remind me of the sound you can expect from a project involving Mark Tremonti, best example being Alter Bridge. You’ll definitely understand where I’m coming from once you hear the opening track ‘Breaking Down’. At first it sounds a bit thrashy, then switches to a much more melodic groove to compliment Rusty’s clear vocals. Like clockwork the song continues to switch between the two. The second track ‘Make Your Stand’ is much like the first with more of an alternative metal riff than thrash. The third and final new track ‘Breathing Heart’ has much more emotion and atmosphere. Could call it the token power ballad of the album.

I will say with the live portion of the album I have a nitpicky critique. It could translate well when you see them live in person, but listening to the EP there where moments where it didn’t feel live. The performance sounds so well polished, that at times it doesn’t even feel or sound like it was recorded live. I’m not much of a fan of alternative metal. I do however agree that Klogr are great at what they do, and if you enjoy alternative metal acts such as Alter Bridge, definitely give this band a shot.