Tom Neely – Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever


Am I a Henry or a Glenn?” This is the question that popped into my head as I dug into Tom Neely and Igloo Tornado’s Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever; a collection of comics that explore the fictional relationship between Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig. The first quarter or so of the book contains Neely’s work and was the part that I enjoyed the most. The plot is entertaining and I love how Herny and Glenn are drawn like old cartoon characters. Neely’s section is full with cameo’s of some very recognizable metal musicians and plenty of not-even-thinly-veiled pop culture references that should amuse your inner nerd.

After Neely’s section, I began to lose interest. Most of the other contributions to the collection were short one-off’s that were just the same gay joke being told over and over again with a different person illustrating it. The artwork varies wildly from excellent to something you would expect to see drawn on a bathroom wall. When it comes to a concept like this, you have to find a way to stand out and either tell a story or simply be funnier than everyone else who is going after the same bit and the rest of this book was pretty bland. At some points, the art looks like it was drawn by a middle school kid in study hall and the content amounts to little more than; “They’re gay, isn’t that hilarious?” You have so much material between the two of them, Black Flag, and the Misfits that the fact that so many of the authors just go after the easiest gay joke is disappointing.


Some artists did try and were able to successfully keep my attention such as Mark Rudolph’s How the Chores Thrill. In this short comic, Glenn, much like Hercules (of Greek legend, not Kevin Sorbo), is sent on an epic quest and must complete three labors of varying difficulty. There are a few references to earlier portions of the book as well. It’s adorable and I loved it.

Overall, the collection is a decent read even with its flaws. I enjoyed finding musicians hidden in different scenes and how ridiculous some of the scenarios were. It’s also impossible to go wrong with Daryl Hall and John Oates as next door neighbors who also happen to be Satanists. Maybe that’s why I love them so much. Hardcore fans who can’t take a joke may want to avoid the read, though. That said, I’m definitely a Henry and I would buy the hell out of some Henry & Glenn themed tarot cards.



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Alexandra Crockett – Metal Cats Book

metalcats cover

Do you like metal? Check (if not, why are you even here?). Do you like cats? I don’t but you probably do. Do you like attractive men? Of course you do. This brings us to the book Metal Cats (powerHouse Books) by photographer Alexandra Crockett. The public tends to give members of the metal community a bad reputation for no real reason. These pictures are about crossing boundaries. Pretty much everyone loves cats; they bring people together. This book is a collection of metal heads with their animal companions with the added bonus of proceeds going to no-kill shelters on the West Coast. Let’s help some animals and check out some dudes!


The Good – Most of these cats look infinitely less amused than their metal fathers which I find absolutely hilarious. Ross Sewage of Ghoul, and a million other projects, makes a particularly enticing male model. Please, keep the mask on. Villainizer and Death Toll Rising’s Drew Copeland and his furry friend can give you pointers for how to ring in the holiday season. An ugly sweater and a no nonsense demeanor are key.

The Bad – Nothing! Even a non-cat lover like myself can get a kick out of this collection.

The Adorable – Nym Penga of Mongrel Gods and In the Age of Terminal Static with his black-as-the-night chicken, Boxy. If you don’t think that chicken is amazing, well, you’re just wrong.




If you’re a crazy cat lady, a crazy cat dude, or don’t like to read (thanks for reading), pick up a copy of this book. This would have made a great desk calendar too. Maybe we can get the ladies in on the action next time. For the record, I would be all for Metal Dogs and/or Metal Snakes if anyone wants to go ahead and make them a thing.


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