Watch James Hetfield and Kirk Hammet of Metallica Perform a Metal Version of The US National Anthem Before a San Francisco Giants Game

The San Francisco Giants baseball team held their 8th Annual “Metallica” Night” in which the band participates in the game with a performance and themed merch. Metallica has been a Bay Area band since the addition of Cliff Burton, and the band’s relocation to Northern California in 1982. They later added Kirk Hammett. Watch James Hetfield and Hammet perform a metal version of the US National Anthem last night (May 24th, 2022) here:

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Kirk Hammett of Metallica Releases Debut Solo Single – “High Plains Drifter”

Kirk Hammett of Metallica,, by Victoria Anderson

Heavy Metal legend Kirk Hammett of Metallica has released his first single as a solo artist, from his upcoming debut solo EP as the track – “High Plains Drifter.” The track opens the second side of Portals, Kirk’s four-song EP out April 23, 2022, via Blackened Recordings across digital platforms, on CD, and as a Record Store Day Exclusive Ocean Blue Vinyl EP (including a download card). Jam it out now! Continue reading

Kirk Hammett to Release His Debut Instrumental Solo EP – “Portals”

Kirk Hammett of Metallica makes his solo debut with Portals, a four-song instrumental EP to be released April 23rd, 2022 via Blackened Recordings across digital platforms, on CD, and as a Record Store Day Exclusive Ocean Blue Vinyl EP (including a download card). It will be the first release on the label that is not a Metallica release. True to its title, Portals is a collection of gateways to myriad musical and psychic destinations. Recorded in multiple locales ranging from Los Angeles to Paris to Oahu, Portals is both the result of musical and metaphysical journeys. An invitation to inner worlds accessible only by music and the psyche it fuels.

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Watch Metallica Celebrated by Mayor London Breed and The City of San Francisco for Their 40th Anniversary

Metallica has kicked off a weekend of celebrations all over their hometown of San Francisco in honor of their 40th Anniversary Concerts and city-wide takeover. Mayor London Breed welcomed Lars Ulrich and Robert Trujillo from the band in a ceremony at San Francisco City Hall. Watch it now!

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Metallica Announces “The Metallica Black Box” Archival Project

Long teased by the band on social media, Metallica has announced the opening of The Metallica Black Box. Debuting with The Black Album Exhibition, the Black Box will offer an unprecedented and ongoing deep dive into every era of Metallica from the early 1980s garage days up to today.

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Three Tremors – Guardians Of The Void

Contentious or lazy pigeon-holing in the music press is a hazard many acts have to endure at some point in their careers. However, there are also a number of bands who happily avoid these types of perceived misrepresentations with ease. No need for the usual stock responses of “we’re not really that type of band” or “we’re so much more than that” here. The Three Tremors are Heavy. Fucking. Metal. Pure and simple.

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Listen to Carlos Santana’s New Song “America For Sale” ft. Members of Metallica and Death Angel

Carlos Santana has released his new album today – Blessings and Miracles. The latest in his collaborative albums with other artists, Carlos has features from a plethora of stars like Chris Stapleton, G-Eazy, Rob Thomas, Steve Winwood, Diane Warren, Brook Warren, Avi Snow and more. Check out the bluesy Hard Rock of the song “America For Sale” guest starring Kirk Hammett of Metallica and Mark Osegueda of Death Angel.

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Watch Metallica’s Career-Spanning Interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music

To celebrate 40 years of Metallica, the band joins Zane Lowe for a career-spanning conversation exploring the group’s early days, seminal moments, lineup changes, and the secrets to longevity. They also discuss why their 2004 documentary ’Some Kind of Monster’ was so ahead of its time, gratitude for former bassist Jason Newsted, the status of new music on the way, and more. The band will perform two 40th anniversary shows at The Chase Center in their hometown of San Francisco, CA this December 17th and 19th.

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CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: Metallica – Thirty Years Of The Black Album

Arguably the most divisive album in the history of metal, no other record seems to split opinion quite likeMetallica’s The Black Album (Elektra). Otherwise known simply as Metallica, whenever the San Franciscan act’s fifth studio album is mentioned even in passing, the results are usually the same. Like a red rag to a bull, loud and vociferous “true fans” are still guaranteed to leap straight in with comments like “only the first four albums are real”, “sell-outs” and “commercial bullshit” etc.

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Kirk Hammett Featured on Gibson TV’s “Icons” Series

Kirk Hammett of Metallica has been featured in the latest episode of “Icons,” in-depth interviews by Gibson TV, by Gibson guitars. In the latest episode of Gibson TV sits down with one of the most influential metal guitarists of all time, Kirk Hammett. Since 1983, Kirk Hammett has been the lead guitarist and member of Metallica. Prior to joining the band, he formed the group Exodus in high school with Gary Holt and helped invent thrash metal as one of the most influential guitarists of this age. Watch the clip here!Continue reading