Jinjer To Work On New “Progressive” EP

Ukranian metalcore band Jinjer has confirmed they have written a new EP of music that they will record this fall. Bassist Eugene Abdiukhanov told France’s Loud TV about the project and termed the new music “prog”. The new EP will be the follow up to their 2016 album King Of Everything and the re-release of their 2014 album, Cloud Factory, both from Napalm Records. Continue reading

Jinjer – Cloud Factory

It’s always nice to get into a “new” band and then find out they have a back catalogue for you to delve into. 2016’s King of Everything from Ukrainian metal outfit Jinjer was pretty well-received upon its release; a blend of groove, Death, and the odd Nu-Metal influence, it was heavy but with a few interesting moments. Tatiana Shmailyuk showed herself to be a very talented vocalist, and in ‘Pisces’ the band hinted at some almost Opeth-like ambition in their songwriting. Continue reading