Megadeth’s Thrash Metal Classic “Last Rites” Used in Apple iPhone Commercial

Megadeth’s classic ‘Last Rites’, a track from their seminal 1986 album Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good! (Combat) has been used as the music for the new Apple iPhone commercial. In a spot called “Don’t Mess With Mother”, for their “Shot on iPhone” series, the clip is set to a montage of nature videos while an edited down version of the song plays! Check it out! Continue reading

Megadeth – Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good: The Final Kill


The back-story of Megadeth’s debut album, released in 1985, is possibly even greater than the impact that the album itself would go on to have. Possibly. For this is a damn fine and damn influential album. Fired and wired, Dave Mustaine set out to make a faster, more technically proficient, and a better album than anything his former employers Metallica had done. He was also hell-bent on proving them wrong in their assertions that he was too hampered by his vices to perform his six-string duties. And perform his six-string duties he did, indeed. However, his and band’s mass consumption of alcohol and other less-than-legal substances put such a dent in the budget of the recording of the album that the producer was fired, and the band produced the record themselves. The results were, aurally, insufficient – even with added funds to try and save the recordings. Continue reading