Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer To Reunite with Matt Barlow Christmas Album

Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer will reunite with the band’s former singer, Matt Barlow, under the name Schaffer/Barlow Project to record Christmas classics on a new record called Winter Nights. The project has a Kickstarter that you can contribute to and has surpassed the $15k goal in a brief run with $19k funded so far in less than a day. Watch the trailer and see the tracklisting now. Barlow played his last official show with Iced Earth in 2011 Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany. He joined Demons & Wizards on stage in New York City for a cover of Iced Earth’s “I Died for You”, which is on this Winter Nights album. Continue reading

Saint Vitus Bar Launches Kickstarter with Amazing Rewards

Saint Vitus Bar has launched an amazing Kickstarter to help the business stay afloat, now and in the post-coronavirus world. The legendary venue that has hosted countless shows, including the infamous Nirvana Reunion, Megadeth, Rivers of Nihil full album performances and many more turns nine this month, and they shared a celebratory video. The venue has reached out to their large community to secure some pretty amazing rewards for contributors, including limited edition merch, stickers, access to live streams, and tickets. Also, on Tuesdays and Fridays, they are rolling out unique rewards that will include everything from video music lessons from some of your favorite musicians to signed memorabilia from Vitus shows, photos, posters, and even a musical score for your favorite cute animal video from a bonafide NYC metal legend! Please support this important at this difficult time in the world for live music venues. Continue reading


CB3 (aka Charlottas Burning Trio), and expansive space-rock outfit hailing from Sweden’s Malmo, recently released their new album, Aeons and delivered another healthy dose of accessible hazy instrumental jams. This, their fourth album, which was partially funded through Kickstarter, is the band’s first with The Sign Records. It sees them continue their eclectic mix of spacy psychedelic rock sprinkled with moments of jazz and occasional stoner riffs. Continue reading

Greg Fox (Liturgy, Ex-Eye) to Release New Single and Video, New Solo Album Incoming

Greg Fox (Liturgy, Ex-Eye, Z’s) will release a new solo album, Contact, available on May 29, 2020 on vinyl and digital formats. This follows his 2017 album The Gradual Progression. We’re looking forward to this new album since Greg is an exceptional, thoughtful artist. The album features original artwork by Emma Kohlmann and design by Will Work For Good. Produced and mixed by Randall Dunn, Contact sees Fox accessing ever more raw and ruminative states. Greg has also launched a Kickstarter to release the album and build a new studio. Watch the new video for the single ‘From the Cessation of What’, directed by Michael A. Flanagan and artwork by Emma Kohlmann.Continue reading

White Wizzard Gives an Update on Their New Album

Ghost Cult previously broke the news that Trad Heavy Metal White Wizzard have reunited and are working on new music. Now the band has offered some more information about their upcoming comeback album and Kickstarter campaign to launch the pre-orders to support the album. Check out the update below and get pumped for some new music soon from this vital band. Continue reading

Chasing Dragons – Faction

Chasing Dragons are a band who blew me away the first time I saw them live a few years ago at SOS festival, and have been developing somewhat of a reputation for a live band well-worth watching. Three years in the making and the product of an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, Chasing Dragons self-release Faction the follow on from 2014’s Checkmate and 2016’s Faction: Prologue EP.Continue reading

Seven Kingdoms – Decennium

Formed in 2007 by guitarist Camden Cruz and former vocalist Bryan Edwards, Floridian Power Metal act Seven Kingdoms are following up their 2016 crowdfunded EP In The Walls with a crowdfunded full length. After raising nearly double the amount required on Kickstarter, the band’s fourth album Decennium has now been picked up by Napalm Records, with the label signing the band, and redistributing their entire back catalogue in the process.Continue reading

Raven – ExtermiNation


If Armored Saint’s new album, Win Hands Down (Metal Blade) taught us anything, it’s that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel or ignore your legacy to make a good album. Despite having been going since the mid-seventies, British NWOBHM crew Raven still know how to crank out an energetic slab of rock.

ExtermiNation (SPV/Steamhammer) is the 80s speed metal veterans’ 13th album and one they funded through Kickstarter late last year. The band, consisting of Gallagher brothers John and Mark [Bass/vocals and guitar respectively] plus drummer Joe Hasselvander do a good job of defying their years and combine plenty of energy with “shove in as many riffs as possible” approach to song writing.

On their Kickstarter page, the band billed ExtermiNation as “the best Raven album yet.” That might be a stretch for any band with such a lengthy legacy, but it’s definitely a raucous ride. There’s plenty of pounding drums, squealing guitars and crowd-pleasing sing along moments. Raven’s ability to mesh those Megadeth-esque speed metal moments with the more mid-paced NWOBHM chugging and even borderline AOR melody is probably their strongest asset. Not of it is particularly aggressive – it’s more fists in the air than fist to the face – but they know how to craft a few good tunes.

‘Thunder Down Under’ mixes AC/DC groove with beefed up rock, while the likes of ‘No Surrender’ and ‘Battle March/Tank Treads (The Blood Runs Red)’ and have a classic Iron Maiden style regard to squealing guitar leads. Gallagher’s vocals range from a simple shout right through to the kind of falsetto more suited to (now defunct) 3 Inches of Blood – and might be the strongest but suit the band’s rough around the edges sound. The more ballad/melody-oriented songs drag on and there are times when it all gets a bit too hackneyed, but the whole it’s a surprisingly enjoyable listen.

As many imitators as the whole NWOBHM scene as, there’s a reason the original acts are still seen as the best. Few bands can combine that energy, catchiness and ability to make you smile. It’s not big, clever, or anything we haven’t heard a thousand times elsewhere, but ExtermiNation is a simple and enjoyable slice of good time rock that harks back to metal’s heyday.



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Crowdfunding: The Godfather Of Hardcore Documentary

the goddathers of hardcore film agnostic front

An official Agnostic Front full length documentary titled The Godfathers Of Hardcore is in the works and a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to help start production. A Fall 2016 release is targeted. Director Ian McFarland of Ian McFarland Films and McFarland & Pecci will be heading the project.

Ian McFarland on Twitter
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godfathers of hardcore agnostic front vinnie stigma

KEN Mode, The Atlas Moth, etc Taking Part On Crowdfunded Helmet Tribute Album

helmet tribute magnetic eye records

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched by Magnetic Eye Records for a tribute album to Helmet’s Meantime album titled Meantime [Redux] tentatively due for a 2016 release. A deluxe edition of the set is also being planned and will feature bands covers songs off of Helmet’s Strap It On and Betty albums.

Artists reportedly participating include:

KEN mode
Phantom Glue
I Am Become Death
Fuck The Facts
Meek Is Murder
Kings Destroy
The Glorious Rebellion

Artists recruited for the “Strap It On” and “Betty” tracks include:
Fashion Week
The Atlas Moth

More bands are expected to be announced soon.

We are beyond stoked to be a part of this awesome Helmet tribute with KEN mode, Phantom Glue, and a bunch more awesome bands! Go and donate now!

Posted by The Atlas Moth on Friday, April 17, 2015