ALBUM REVIEW: Grief Symposium – …In The Absence of Light

What was the first bit of heavy music you ever heard in your life? Did you level up, gaining mana from the ear-peeling riffs and shouts? Lovers of extreme metal surely have had experiences like this in their lives, where their entire world is tossed upside-down a new band, or a clutch of new demos from an emerging scene. This is how my ears felt hearing Grief Symposium, with a new take on the Death / Doom sub-genre with their debut, …In The Absence of Light (Church Road Records). Although mysterious and secretive, they did not set out to reinvent extreme music, but rather invent themselves, and a sound that should echo for a long time.

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CONCERT REVIEW: W.A.S.P. – Armored Saint Live at The Regency Ballroom

A seasonably cold night in the Bay Area was heated up considerably by old-school, razor-sharp American Heavy Metal riffs on this late November night. All the usual suspects were out in their finest vintage shirts bought on ebay and secondhand spikes and leather as W.A.S.P. made their long-awaited return to North America on their 40th Anniversary tour. The crowd was extra-hopped up (pun intended) from the second I got on line outside the venue. Clearly, people were pre-gaming at nearby watering hole spots like Tommy’s Joynt, The Cinch Saloon, or Harper and Rye.

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PODCAST: Glacially Musical Pouredcast 110: KISS Part 3 – The Solo Albums, Dynasty, and All 1970s Albums Ranked From Worst to Best


This week we dive This week we our third installment of KISS in the 1970s era, and the bloom is off the rose big-time. Keefy and Nik debate a lot of Kisstory, discuss what is worse – “Kiss Meets The Phantom” or the other mega-cultural albatross – “The Star Wars ‘ Holiday Special!” We review all of the Kiss “solo” albums and “Dynasty” – Keefy’s personal hellscape in music.

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PODCAST: Glacially Musical Pouredcast 109: Kiss Pt 2 – Shout It Out Loud – The Middle Years

This week we dive into the (only) successful era of KISS and how they barely showed up for business when everything counted on it. It kind of makes sense why Gene and Paul worked so hard ever since. Also, Nik and Keefy from go Worldstar level 10 with their fights. Continue reading

PODCAST: Glacially Musical Pouredcast 107: Slipknot Discography: Pt.4 – “All Hope Is Gone,” and Beyond


We continue our series on arguably the biggest metal band in the world, Slipknot! Episode 4 of 4 in this series sees Nik and keefy close it out with the ascent to the top of heap of metal headling arena tours, festival headlining in Europe and America, Mayhem Fest, their fourth album “All Hope Is Gone” and a brief breeze through the rest of their career up to now. RIP Paul, and RIP Joey. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Jeff Young of Kings of Thrash Discusses Megadeth History, Nick Menza Memories, and New Music!

Ghost Cult caught up with Jeff Young of Kings of Thrash – a metal supergroup including David Ellefson, and Chris Poland all formerly of Megadeth! Jeff discusses how the band united over the documentary celebrating the life of Nick Menza, coming soon.Jeff reflects on his history in Megadeth, his many music projects outside rock and metal, tour plans for the new band, honoring the legacy of late members Gar Samuleson and Nick, building a playing chemistry with Chris Poland, Jeff’s practice regimen, jamming with Steve Jones of Sex Pistols plans for an all original EP of new music from Kings of Thrash soon!

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INTERVIEW: Janosch Rathmer of Long Distance Calling on “Eraser” and Concept Albums


Ghost Cult recently caught up with Janosch Rathmer of instrumental post-rock band Long Distance Calling, to discuss their new album Eraser – out now via earMUSIC. Read our review here. Janosch discussed LDC being prolific writers, spending extra time on the new album, concept records and music videos, sexy saxophone parts, playing festivals versus intimate venues, touring in the pandemic era, switching record labels, climate change, and more!

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