K.K. Downing (ex-Judas Priest) Performs For the Frist Time In Nearly 10 Years

K.K. Downinghas been very vocal in the press about his disappointment of not being invited to rejoin Judas Priest after he left in 2011, and following Glenn Tipton’s battle with Parkinson’s disease. All of that fell aways yesterday as K.K joined Ross The Boss on stage at Bloodstock Open Air for a run-through of Priest classics! Watch the fan-filmed video below! Continue reading

Ex-Judas Priest Guitarist K.K. Downing to Perform with Ross The Boss at Bloodstock 2019

Big news as former Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing to perform with Ross The Boss’s (ex-Manowar) band at Bloodstock Open Air. Bloodstock festival on August 11 at Catton Park, Derbyshire, United Kingdom. No word yet as to what songs they will perform together. Ross Friedman of RTB commented.Continue reading

Judas Priest Released “Defenders of the Faith” 35 Years Ago Today

The mid-1980s was a golden time for metal. Lots of great legend status acts were putting out amazing albums that had headbangers excited beyond belief. One such band was Judas Priest, who by this time had put out eight mostly stellar albums were coming off their all-time great work Screaming For Vengeance (Columbia). At the height of their powers they took their gains made from the previous release, came back a little meaner and leaner and released Defenders of the Faith (Columbia) on January 4th 1984. Continue reading

Former Judas Priest Guitarist K.K. Downing Sells His Publishing Rights To Round Hill Music

Following a financial downturn which included his failed plans for a luxury resort on his Golf Course property in the UK, former Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing has sold his share of his stake in the bands’ back catalog. This includes classic hit songs such as ‘Breaking The Law’, ‘Living After Midnight’, ‘Painkiller’ and many more. According to a published report by Billboard, Round Hill Music, a giant in the music publishing and licensing world has acquired Downing’s stake in the Priest songbook. Continue reading

Judas Priest – Firepower

With eighteen studio albums and almost fifty years under their bullet belts, Judas Priest, alongside Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, have managed to become a household name even in houses where the occupants haven’t even heard of Heavy Metal. Their legacy is inarguable. In fact, there is so little left to say about the band that hasn’t already been documented in some way over the last four (now virtually five) decades, that all you really need to know is this: They’re Judas fucking Priest.Continue reading