Stone Sour’s Josh Rand Shares The Demo Version of “Take A Number”

Josh Rand, co-founder and guitarist of Stone Sour, has shared another demo/outtake from the session that eventually would lead to the debut album from that band, released via Roadrunner Records in 2002. The album was crafted with Corey Taylor while on a break between Slipknot album and tour cycles. Check out the original version of ‘Take a Number right now! Continue reading

Stone Sour Releases the Demo Version of “The Bitter End”

Stone Sour has released a demo version of the song ‘The Bitter End’, originally titled ‘Ending/Beginning’. The Bitter End’ appeared on the band’s third studio album, Audio Secrecy (Roadrunner Records), which came out in 2010. Continue reading

Stone Sour Shares a New Demo Version of “Blue Study” From Their Debut Album

Stone Sour’s Josh Rand has curated another unreleased demo from the first album from the band (2002), formed originally in the 1990s by Josh and Corey Taylor of Slipknot. In a post accompanying the YouTube release of the ‘Blue Study’ demo, Rand wrote: “‘Blue Study’ was one of four songs written in 1997 but not recorded until 2000 during a break in the Slipknot. schedule. Three of those four songs made it onto the self-titled album and ‘Come What(ever) May’.” Continue reading

Stone Sour Shares “Get Inside – Demo Sessions” Track

Stone Sour has kicked off 2020 with a new track, a demo version of their very first track on their debut album, ‘Get Inside’. In an upload to YouTube and corresponding post, guitarist Josh Rand described the first Stone Sour songs as “songs that he (Corey Taylor) had written outside of Slipknot, and songs that I had recorded at home on a 4 track. After we listened to all of the tracks, we decided that we needed to record these songs at SR Studios in Des Moines during his time off from touring.”. The band originally was formed in 1992 and lasted until Corey Taylor quit in 1997 to join Slipknot. The band reformed in 2000 and would go on to release the debut s/t album via Roadrunner Records in 2002, which included ‘Get Inside’ and the hit song ‘Bother’ from the original Sam Raimi-directed Spiderman soundtrack. Continue reading

Josh Rand To Sit Out The Current Tour Of Stone Sour For Treatment

Josh Rand, co-founder and guitarist of Stone Sour is sitting out the current tour of the band while he undergoes treatment for an undisclosed issue. You can read a statement from the band below. Continue reading

Stone Sour – Hydrograd

It’s not often that a side project from an acclaimed band can stand on par with said original group. After all, a lot of sidebands become the vacation parent to fans; as a stop-gap measure for artists to toss eager followers a bone in between releases. However, that is not true of Stone Sour, launched in the shadows of Slipknot, and for over fifteen years has slowly ascended to the hard rock pantheon on their own merits. In fact, on their new album Hydrograd (Roadrunner), the band has put out an album that actually surpasses a few Slipknot releases outright. Continue reading

Audio: Stone Sour – We Die Young and Heading Out To The Highway (Preview)

stone sour 2015

Stone Sour are previewing their versions of “We Die Young” from Alice In Chains and “Heading Out To The Highway” from Judas Priest, off of their five song Record Store Day exclusive EP Meanwhile In Burbank on April 18, 2015. The EP was recorded live at Room 237 in Burbank, CA. Stream it below.

Stone Sour guitarist Josh Rand commented on the EP:

“Back in February of 2014 while Stone Sour was touring, Corey [Taylor, vocals] approached me about Stone Sour doing a cover of the Metal Church song ‘The Dark’ for the movie ‘Fear Clinic‘. I thought it would be cool not only to record ‘The Dark’, but the five cover songs that we had played on that tour.”

Rand added:

“The idea was not to shy away from a song because it was popular or pick a band that most people might not have heard, but to pick ones that truly meant something to one of us at some point in our life.”

Meanwhile In Burbank… track listing:

01. We Die Young (Alice In Chains cover)
02. Heading Out To The Highway (Judas Priest cover)
03. Love Gun (KISS cover)
04. Creeping Death (Metallica cover)
05. Children Of The Grave (Black Sabbath cover)

Listen to a preview of our cover of Judas Priest’s “Heading out to the Highway” off of “Meanwhile in Burbank”, available in record stores on April 18th! Limited to 3000 copies worldwide, find a record store near you at or #StoneSour #recordstoreday

Posted by Stone Sour on Friday, April 3, 2015

Listen to a preview of our cover of Alice In Chains’ “We Die Young” off of “Meanwhile in Burbank”, available in record stores on April 18th!Limited to 3000 copies worldwide, find a record store near you at or

Posted by Stone Sour on Tuesday, March 31, 2015