Job For A Cowboy Names Navene Koperweis their New Drummer, Shares More New Album Details


Job For A Cowboy has announced legendary progressive and Death Metal drummer Navene Koperweis (Animosity, Animals As Leaders, Entheos) as their new drummer for their upcoming new album. Koperweis replaces Jon “The Charn” Rice (The Red Chord, Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats, Scorpion Child, Umbra Vitae). The band and Metal Sucks shared part two of their exclusive interview. The band already confirmed recording a new full-length this fall with Jason Suecoff, and are expecting a release again thorough their longtime label Metal Blade in the first half of 2020. Their previous album, 2014’s Sun Eater was just released on deluxe vinyl recently.

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Draagyn Shares New Single – “A Night Between Two Days”

Experimental genre chameleon and artist Draagyn has shared a new single, “A Night Between Two Days”. Debuted over at BrooklynVegan and is available now on all streaming services, the avant-garde, multi-instrumentalist, and dark chanteuse conjures all kinds of dread feelings with her voice and musical skills. On the follow up to 2019’s otherworldly, 8+ minute single “Majesty,” she hops from Black Metal, prog rock, dark folk, and back again. To bring the track added life, she recruited fellow visionaries, drummer Jon Rice (Uncle Acid, Job For A Cowboy, Umbra Vitae), and bassist Corey McCormick (Promise of the Real), to further explore beyond the outer limits of conventional sound. Continue reading

Job For a Cowboy Resurfaces on Social Media Again Teasing Some News

According to a report by Metal Injection, Job For A Cowboy once again popped up on social media to tease the fans about something coming soon. Ghost Cult broke the story last year that the band posted for the first time in 5 years and we had been told by a well-placed source close to the band (read that as a guy who is in a band with JFAC guys) that they had written and recorded some new music. This weekend they posted to Facebook (with an auto-post to Twitter, tsk tsk) a clip from the movie 1995 film Mortal Combat with the caption “It has begun” from the film. Vocalist Johnny Davy was a guest of Metal Blade CEO Brian Slagel’s Instagram Livestream a few months ago and confirmed a new album is written and if it wasn’t for the pandemic, the band would be in the studio now recording it. No confirmation as to whether they would be rejoined by drummer Jon Rice (Scorpion Child, Umbra Vitae) will rejoin the group, but the rest of the band is returning.Continue reading

Skeletonwitch Changes Drummers, Jon Rice Named As A Fill In For Next Tour

Skeletonwitch, by Hillarie Jason

Mid-western blackened death metallers Skeltonwitch have parted ways with drummer Dustin Boltjes. The band has also announced Jon Rice (Scorpion Child, ex-Job For A Cowboy) will take over duties behind the kit for their upcoming tour with Obituary. Continue reading

Crowbar – Revocation – Havok – Fit For an Autopsy -Armed For Apocalypse: The Worcester Palladium



There have been a lot of killer tours of late, but few packed the variety and the punch of the bill accompanying Crowbar on their latest jaunt. Rather than take out a bunch of similar bands with an overlapping fanbase, the creators of this tour package took a bunch of cool bands that are all slightly different in genre and fandom make-up and sent them out to do something really unique. It definitely worked, because for a Tuesday night, the upstairs of the Palladium was fairly thick with heshers and heifers by the time my awesome photog for the night, Meg Loyal, and I rolled into the venue.

Armed For Apocalypse was already on when I got in, and they seemed to be going over well with the the early crowd. Apparently I also missed a slew of great local talent, which pissed me off. Promoters of shows: stop beginning before 7 PM on a weeknight (Tuesday) when most of your crowd is driving from 65 miles away or more during rush hour. Armed… meanwhile put on a killer show I wasn’t expecting this early. Their talents lay somewhere between a sludgy metal base with some grooves, death metal flair, and occasional flashes of technicality. They also had a gang-vocal-thing going on from most of their band that I liked too. We’ll be looking out for these guys again!


Fit For An Autopsy (7)


Fit For An Autopsy has been grinding it out live non-stop this year. They continue to pick up steam since adding Greg Wilburn to their ranks. The Palladium crowd also takes a fancy to this band they know very well from numerous shows and fests, and so the crowd was amped up and the pit was instantly activated. These guys always put on a killer performance and inspired the best, most violent pit action of the evening. There is just something about the way they carry themselves with confidence and the brutality of their style, I can really see them stepping up to the level of a Suicide Silence or a Whitechapel when their next album drops in 2015. You’ve been warned, don’t sleep on this band!

At the midway point of the night, I caught myself feeling very positive about the current scene, and that a tour like this can even happen and pass through our neck of the woods. Sentiment. I need to watch that! Meanwhile Havok came on and clearly had some of their own fanbase in the house, because their entire front of the stage was more or less a total circle pit for their set. A band that has hit the 10-year mark and also has a big following in our area, had a triumphant feeling hitting the stage and thrashing their balls off. Front man David Sanchez, like his entire band, has some sweet musical skills and has a shriek not unlike Mark Osegueda of Death Angel, who make a fair comparison for the band too. Special note goes to Marshall Wieczorek of Wretched, who was filling in for Pete Webber behind the kit did a great job. The band recently signed with Century Media and are also planning a new album for next year.

Revocation (3)



The Palladium, even the more intimate part of the venue upstairs, can be a clusterfuck on any given day. It was cool seeing a lot of my my local brethren of metal fans and friends at the show. It had been a very heavy week of shows in our surrounding area, with many national and local bands worth seeing. Still, I was impressed that by the time Revocation took the stage, the place was pretty full. Ans why not? Being a Boston band and playing this venue was practically a hometown show and many people in the house were sporting their Revocation shirts (a no-no to me, but good for the band I suppose). The anticipation was higher than usual, since the band has signed a new deal with Metal Blade and are on the cusp of dropping their new album Deathless. The band played a tight set with a mix of “hits” and new songs that left bodies sweaty on jaws on the floor. As usual, a lot of folks are just here for the guitar fireworks in the form of Dave Davidson and Dan Gargiulo. Their rhythm section was augmented tonight too, with Jon “The Charn” Rice (Scorpion Child, ex-Job For a Cowboy, The Red Chord) filling in for Phil DuBois (arm injury). Revocation is just one of those bands that wears many hats and pulls it off extremely well.

Crowbar (11)

Heading back stage to interview Revocation, I was just wrapping up my chat when I heard the strains of the first few songs of Crowbar’s set. The went on pretty quick with little turnover apparently, but I didn’t miss much. The crowd was doing the “slow acknowledgment” head-bang to ‘Symmetry In White’ when I finally made it back downstairs. Kirk Windstein made a funny crack about turning all the lights off, then just relegating the rest of the night to a sparse spotlight, that was befitting of this workman-like band. As their set list shows Crowbar is as important to this genre as they relevant today, with a string of great songs and new material that holds up too. Kirk likes to slide to the side of the microphone when not singing, an unintentional but necessary move that puts him where he belongs, front and center. He has a solid group of guys behind him these days, but it makes him shine that much brighter.

Crowbar (18)



About half-way through the set I realized this was about the best Crowbar show I’d ever seen. Kirk has raised his game up a few more levels than he was already at over the years and his laser focus on this band has definitely paid off. While a lot of people associate the band with ‘All I Had (I Gave)’, it was a song like ‘Planets Collide’ that really write the story of this band in granite. Kirk, his voice up to a mic and his hands around a guitar neck are a treasure to the metal community. I hope we get to enjoy them for a long time.

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Crowbar Set List:

Cemetary Angels

Walk With Knowledge Wisely

Symmetry in White


Planets Collide

The Lasting Dose

Sever the Wicked Hand

Liquid Sky and Cold Black Earth


High Rate Extinction

New Dawn

All I Had (I Gave)

I Have Failed

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