Remembering Marsha Zazula of Megaforce Records on What Would Have Been Her 70th Birthday

April 21, 2022 would have been the 70th birthday for legendary music industry leader Marsha Zazula. Best known for co-founding Megaforce Records, Crazed Management, and putting Metallica, and countless other bands on the map with her husband and partner Johnny Z. Marsha passed away in 202, but her star burns no less bright today. Read this tribute to her life and career by peers Adrenaline PR, as well as the New York Times memorial of her life from last year.

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GIFT GUIDE: Ghost Cult’s Holiday 2020 Gift Guide


The best Christmas gifts are the most useful ones. Slapping a bow on a bottle of Jack is the easiest gift you can give a metalhead. The great thing about it? Even if they have a preference, they aren’t going to turn down free alcohol. Type any brand and the words “gift set” into Google and you’ll find something. However, premade gift sets have a tendency to be overpriced and generic. You’re better off grabbing an empty box and filling it up with a variety of airplane bottles. It’s kind of like a box of chocolates—But booze.

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