Anathema – Internal Landscapes

As one door closes, another opens. Or so the saying goes. Yet the conclusion of the A Natural Disaster (Music For Nations) run saw British Progressive Rock act Anathema complete their second cycle, one that had taken them from Doom (Serenades through The Silent Enigma) through a transitional period through more Progressive and emotional waters (Eternity through to …Disaster including the exceptional Judgement), alone in a room without an opening ahead of them, with apparently limited options. Externally, at least, the future of the band seemed shrouded, and their continued existence, let alone any future success, appeared unlikely.Continue reading

Anathema – The Optimist

Over a lengthy and storied career, Anathema have always had a knack for change; whether it being through evolutionary steps, a desire toward experimentation or both. It is well documented by now of their beginning as a Doom/Extreme Metal outfit with cult classics developing through to their contemporary, comparatively unrecognisable incarnation as an emotive Prog outfit; simply put, Anathema have always done what they want and have never been ones to bow to expectation. Nowadays, fanfare and as a result, expectation is at an all-time high when it comes to a new album; so in perhaps typical fashion, they release their most cinematic effort and most challenging release for many years in The Optimist (Kscope).Continue reading

A Fine Day To Live: Daniel Cavanagh of Anathema talks The Optimist, being an honest band and more

Despite a messed up sleeping pattern and having not yet gotten around to getting any caffeine in his system in the hour since he woke up, guitarist and co-songwriter Daniel Cavanagh of Anathema is in good, wry spirits. Almost Optimistic one might say… An erudite and affable chap of no little musical or creative talent, Mr Cavanagh is talking to Ghost Cult about the newest Anathema album, The Optimist (KScope) Continue reading