Mark Morton Shares New Single – “All I Had To Lose” ft. Mark Morales

Mark Morton (Lamb of God) has shared a new single from us upcoming mostly acoustic Ether EP, due next week on January 17th via Rise Records. ‘All I Had To Lose’ ft. Mark Morales is a soulful unplugged jam. In addition to his work in Lamb of God and his soundtrack work, Ether looks to be a much more personal and intimate bunch of songs compared with 2019’s Anesthetic record. Watch the visualizer for the track now! Continue reading

Moon Tooth-Chromaparagon

Moon_Tooth Chromaparagon album cover ghostcultmag


New York natives Moon Tooth started off their new year by self-releasing their first full length album Chromaparagon whether the music world was ready for it or not. From listening to the result, it is clear the band members were ready.

The Keith Haring like album cover conveys exactly the colorful and primal, yet poetic sounds that the band comes up with. It is all off to a driving start with the first track ‘Queen Wolf’. The song was also the first off the album to be released alongside a music video. Although there is trouble understanding the lyrics during a few parts, one can tell that a badass story is being told.

These stories are what make up the entire album. They could also be interpreted as personal revelations or even poetry. One gets the feeling that if Jim Morrison had been born at a later time, this is what he would be doing. The lyrics are the strongest point which is not surprising since the entire band shares the credit of writing them; vocalist John Carbone brings them to life. The music is quality too and the instrumentation is similar to Mastodon.

Moon Tooth primarily describes themselves as being hard rock and progressive, but it is evident from tracks like ‘Little Witch’ that they can channel other influences. As the title suggests, the song is reminiscent of the Misfits horror inspired punk and is a fun jam. ‘Bats in the Attic’ is another thoroughly enjoyable tune. Because it is an instrumental, it breaks up the album well.

The only point at which Chromaparagon falters in the least is ‘White Stag’. After listening to an intense and thought-provoking album, it can be heard to listen to a gentler ten minute track. Overall, it is quite an impressive début album and a great way to start off the musical year.




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