AC/DC, Joe Cocker, and 45 Grave Songs Featured in season Finale of The Walking Dead

Astute viewers and music fans of The Walking Dead noticed some choice songs in the season 10 finale episode that just aired on April, 4th, 2021. Focusing on the backstory of villain/anti-hero Negan, songs heard included classic rock anthem “Back in Black” by AC/DC, all-time love song “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker, and the Punk rock song “Party Time” by 45 Grave, originally heard in the film Return of the Living Dead, the classic Zombie film. The series returns for season 11 in October 2021.

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SPECIAL FEATURE: Woodstock 1994 – Twenty-Five Years Later

It started with an old-fashioned idea. The optimism of the hippies met wit the activism of the more rebellious factions of society to create a powderkeg of activism and art in the late 1960s to create Woodstock. The fest could have been an unmitigated disaster that would have made Fyre festival look good. However, it would have a lasting cultural impact even the future decades rode on. With an eye on capturing that spirit again, and raking in a lot of money, the original founders of Woodstock create Woodstock `94: 2 More Days of Peace and Music, but officially it was three days. Continue reading

SOS Fest XII – Part I: Live at The Longfield Suite

Time for one of the highlights of my year, the rather excellent SOS festival. A festival envisioned 12 years ago by Lynne Hampson of Rocksector Records as an antidote to the plethora of family un-friendly festivals around at the time. Continue reading