why+the+wires Releasing Flame Failures


Jetsam-Flotsam is partnering with One Percent Press to release Ithaca, NY’s why+the+wires new album Flame Failures in the Summer 2015.

Since forming in Ithaca, NY in 2008, why+the+wires has been delivering a dynamic post-punk frenzy that gets more focused with every album. The songs are tight-wound, angular affairs, moody yet melodic. Rough-throated gospels, shambling shout-alongs, insistent rave-ups and brooding instrumental stretches. Their influences are best pinpointed by geography: San Diego, Chicago, Washington, D.C. Comparisons have ranged from Hot Snakes and Sweep the Leg Johnny to Archers of Loaf and June of 44.

Big Awesome Releasing Party On This Spring

big awesome party on PromoImage

Bluffton, SC post rockers Big Awesome will be releasing their debut album Party On, coming out this Spring via Jetsam-Flotsam, and can be streamed here.

Party On – Track Listing
1. What Grows Up Must Get Down
2. Hooper
3. Wolf
4. Foliage
5. Pay Attention
6. To Live and Die In The Dirty South
7. Party On
8. Warning
9. Birdfeeder pt. II (The Reckoning)
10. Wookie Blaylock