Enabler To Take An Indefinite Hiatus Following Abuse Allegations

Enabler, photo by Tayler Aubin

Enabler, photo by Tayler Aubin

Enabler tonight announced an indefinite hiatus for the band and the cancellation of all touring following allegations against front man Jeff Lohrber made by his former girlfriend, former Enabler bassist Amanda Daniels. Daniels, who was quietly dismissed from the band at the end of 2014, has made allegations in a blog last Friday on her Tumblr on page that Lohrber was sexually and physically abusive during their three-year relationship. Daniels’ blog can be found at this link and is excerpted below:

“The Truth Shall Set You Free >

There are many reasons for my silence. They have changed over time, as I have collected and carried these secrets. I want to say now the largest of these reasons is the desire to move on, for how can we heal from the past if it falling out of our mouths? But this is a lie, you can never heal from the past if it hauntingly remains inside of you. The real largest reason of all is fear.
Now that all I fought for is lost, my biggest fear is that I will never be ok. Some kind of justice must come to fruition.

I want to say I’m sorry to all of you who were there, wanting to help and not knowing. Thank you for persistently asking me if I’m ok, asking how I’m doing, and asking more specific questions if you were bold enough. I’m sorry for my uncountable bold faced lies, “I’m good, I’m ok” I’m sorry I never reached out, I’m sorry I never told you, I’m sorry for all of my half truths, parts left out, and I’m deeply sorry that I cannot speak these words face to face.

I never want to upset anybody, I never want to be the cause of negative thoughts and feelings. There are too many of those in this world as it is. This is very negative and very upsetting thing to talk about and thing for people to hear. It is time for my silence to end. The story is spreading and it is no longer my own to bear. It hasn’t been for awhile now, it made it’s way into the world a little over a year ago when his violence moved from me unto our vehicle and it’s contents which belonged to four of us…. was that the first time it was obvious to others? I’m unsure of details, I cannot keep every incidence separate or straight. But I am sure of all the broken promises made to us in the following days, a permanent reminder scratched into my skin in a new jersey hotel room.

The last of these a promise of privacy, one of your request, one broken publicly. I saw it last night, words echoing in my ears, and I’ve been thinking of what to do all day. Where does one start? The above paragraphs as a type of preface and the following response should do.
Let me begin by congratulating you on the most aptly named release to date. You should in no way, shape or form feel safe.
You think the personal hell you caused and put yourself through is worse than anything that can be done unto you?? That sentiment isn’t going to keep anything away from you or protect you anymore. No one feels sorry for you.

If you are writing lyrics to help people and hope someone may be able to relate perhaps you should be clear in who your target audience is, for only a certain kind of person can relate to your specific brand of personal suffering. Adulterous, manipulators, perverse and predatory sexual molesters, anger ridden abusers, purveyors of violence against women, liers and rapists, to name a few.”



Lohrber then responded, which Enabler shared on their Facebook page:

Let me start by saying, I do not condone physical violence of any kind to any living thing, period. I do not condone rape whatsoever. Anyone who is aware of anything of that nature going on, I urge you to remove yourself from the situation immediately and contact the authorities if need be.

Secondly, to anyone who would deal with things by starting a witchhunt online rather than deal with them at the source or take it directly to the authorities – you are absolutely in the wrong. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, and in today’s climate it’s very easy to believe everything you read on the internet without knowing exactly what happened between two people.

The last thing I want is to drag anyone’s name through the dirt. I’ve read through Amanda’s post many times, and it’s pretty contradictory of itself. The thing I want to know is if I was truly abusing her and I truly did rape her in the manner that I’m accused of, why did she beg to stay in the band when she had been asked to leave multiple times? Why weren’t the authorities involved? Why come out now when the new album is to be released in less than a month? And why the hell bring up songwriting credits in a post that is accusing someone of rape?

I thought that both of us had moved on with our lives, me continuing my work with the band, and her starting a new life with someone she met while on the road with the band and moving onto future musical endeavors that are more fitting to her abilities. I guess not. This is a blatant attempt to ruin the band’s name, a band that she played in for 3 years and played 200+ shows with. If this was really going on the whole time the way that she portrays it, why would a person put that kind of blood, sweat, and tears into a project with someone that is capable of these things?

Relationships go bad all of the time. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I was in the right all of the time. I was wrong in a number of things I did, for which I have owned up and apologized directly to these people, but the things I am accused of here are not accurate.

As far as Enabler goes, all shows are off as of now and the band is on an indefinite hiatus until this is cleared up. I cannot risk dragging anyone else that I have a close working relationship with into this mess. This is my problem and I am the one who has to deal with it.”


Here’s a statement from Jeff regarding the matter that most have you have probably seen by now.

Posted by Enabler on Sunday, July 12, 2015


No word on how any of this will affect the expected release of Enabler’s new album, Fail to Feel Safe, currently planned for release by Century Media on August 7th.

Enabler and Call Of The Void Add New Tour Dates

enabler-call of the void tour

Ohio-based hardcore/metal outfit ENABLER has started their North American tour with CALL OF THE VOID, with dates posted below.

ENABLER tour dates with CALL OF THE VOID
Feb 06: Carabar – Columbus Ohio *
Feb 07: The Demo – St. Louis, MO
Feb 08: Hitone – Memphis, TN
Feb 09: Three Links – Dallas, TX
Feb 10: Walter’s – Houston, TX
Feb 11: TBA – San Antonio, TX
Feb 12: Red 7 – Austin, TX
Feb 13: House show – Albuquerque, NM
Feb 14: 51west – Mesa, AZ
Feb 15: Tower Bar – San Diego, CA
Feb 16: You Revolution Bar – Tijuana, MEX
Feb 17: 5 Star – Los Angeles, CA
Feb 18: Jerry’s Pizza – Bakersfield, CA
Feb 19: The Blue Lamp – Sacramento, CA
Feb 20: Gilman St – Berkeley, CA
Feb 21: High Water Mark – Portland, OR
Feb 22: 333 – Vancouver, CAN w/ THE DRIP
Feb 23: Highline – Seattle, WA w/ THE DRIP
Feb 24: The Hop – Spokane, WA w/ THE DRIP
Feb 25: Shredder – Boise, ID
Feb 26: TBA – Salt Lake City, UT
Feb 27: Hi Dive – Denver, CO
Feb 28: West Wing – Omaha, NE *
Mar 01: Encounter – Peoria, IL *
Mar 02: Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL *
Mar 03: – Champaign, IL – Error Records *
Mar 04: – Indianapolis, IN – Indiana Beer City *
Mar 05: – Dayton, OH – Blind Bob’s Bar *
Mar 06: – Detroit, MI – The Sanctuary *
Mar 07: – Pittsburgh, PA – The Mr. Roboto Project *
Mar 08,: – Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus *
*=ENABLER only

ENABLER recently completed recording their forthcoming album, Fail To Feel Safe, at Silver Bullet Studios with engineer Chris Teti (THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE & I AM NO LONGER AFRAID TO DIE) and producer Greg Thomas (MISERY SIGNALS, SHAI HULUD), who also produced the band’s critically acclaimed album, All Hail The Void (2012). Mastering is currently being done by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering. An early summer 2015 release date is planned.

Led by frontman, songwriter, and guitarist Jeff Lohrber, ENABLER stands as one of the most honest, pissed off, and heartfelt metallic hardcore bands around today. The band’s sound, which is a unique mixture of thrash, death metal, punk rock, and hardcore has made an impact all over the world since their debut EP, Eden Sank to Grief, was first released on Andy Hurley’s (FALL OUT BOY, RAICETRATOR) FC Records in 2010. Two full-length albums, three EPs, and multiple split and compilation appearances have been released on various labels since then, including last year’s La Fin Absolue Du Monde, which appeared on many “Best of 2014” lists.

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Today Is The Day Announce Upcoming Shows

animal mother

Today Is The Day has announced a string of shows to promote their latest album, Animal Mother, out now via Southern Lord. With cult leader and guitarist/vocalist Steve Austin joined by drummer Jeff Lohrber (Enabler, ex-Harlots) and bassist Sean Conkling (Regression, Burn Your Halo, Sprawl), the album was recorded, produced and mastered at the frontman’s Austin Enterprises in Maine, features original artwork by Samantha Muljat (Bl’ast, Earth, Baptists), and has reaped international critical acclaim for several months now.

Nov 29: The Shop – Pittsburgh, PA
Nov 30: Yonka House – Detroit, MI (w/ Hollow Earth)
Dec 01: Frank’s Power Plant – Milwaukee, WI (w/ Northless)
Dec 02: Hexagon Bar – Minneapolis, MN
Dec 03: Eronel – Dubuque, IA
Dec 04: Fubar – St. Louis, MO
Dec 05: TBA – Champaign, IL
Dec 06: Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL
Dec 07: Blind Bob’s – Dayton, OH
Dec 08: Tremont Music Hall – Charlotte, NC
Dec 09: Bandito’s – Richmond, VA (w/ Hex Machine)
Dec 10: Cafe Nine – New Haven, CT

Today Is The Day on Bandcamp
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Southern Lord on Bandcamp
Southern Lord on Facebook
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Today Is The Day Release the First single from Animal Mother

today is the day album cover new

Legendary noise, post-metal pioneers Today Is The Day are readying their new album Animal Mother, for release on Southern Lord. They have dropped a new single in the form of a malicious new video for the song ‘Masada’. The video was created with David Hall of Handshake Inc. Led by mastermind Steve Austin, TITD boasts a killer new lineup consisting of Sean Conkling (Regression, Burn Your Halo, Sprawl) and drummer Jeff Lohrber (Enabler, ex-Harlots).


From the Press Release:

The first single from Today Is The Day’s tenth LP, Animal Mother, has been released via Metal Injection through a disturbing new video for the ninth track, “Masada,” as the band begins to divulge the newest developments in their massive upcoming tour schedule.

Produced by visual architect David Hall of Handshake Inc., the disturbing accompaniment for “Masada” delivers the track in a vibrant, high-contrast collage of footage, combining imagery born of nature’s itinerary and humanity’s inherently sadistic and perverse ways. Cult leaders summon more flies to the fire while children learn to handle automatic weapons. Brains decay and maggots feast upon the flesh of mammals, while a twisted, obfuscated plot unfolds amidst several unnamed humans in this disgustingly satisfying slab of cinematic madness. Undeniable lust, seething anger, inward loathing and outward aggression all flow in an occult blend of Americana that is as unique as the song. In other words, it’s “Today Is The Day as fuck.”

Issued director David Hall of the video: “I’m always honored when Steve Austin asks me to create a video for Today Is The Day. Early on we decided that ‘Masada’ should be the track people hear first from the new album because it really represents the album in terms of rock and diversity and TITD insanity. Steve wanted a video that would infect minds and reflect the madness of the music. I ate some meatloaf and went on a vision quest and was shown a couple in a desert being corrupted by their dysfunction and desire to control one another. So this is what I made.”

Southern Lord will release Animal Mother on LP, CD and digital download in North America on October 14th, as the band’s first venture for the label. With Animal Mother still lurking in the shadows, the band prepares for an extensive bout of widespread live actions in support of the album. From October 7th through the 26th, Today Is The Day will shred through the US on a headlining tour with direct support from Chicago deviants, Lord Mantis. This is the first phase of touring which will expand in the coming days, taking the band out on several more excursions through the rest of the year and well into 2015. Stand by for more major developments about to be issued in the coming days.

Today Is The Day w/ Lord Mantis:

10/07/2014 Geno’s – Portland, ME

10/08/2014 Sonny’s – Dover, NH

10/09/2014 Spotlight Tavern – Beverly, MA

10/10/2014 Dusk – Providence, RI

10/11/2014 The Pinch – Washington, DC

10/12/2014 The Acheron – Brooklyn, NY

10/13/2014 Kung-Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA

10/14/2014 Church – Boston, MA

10/15/2014 The Depot – York, PA

10/16/2014 Cafe 611 – Frederick, MD

10/17/2014 TBA – Long Island, NY

10/18/2014 Jabber Jaws – Allentown, PA

10/19/2014 Hideaway – Johnson City, TN

10/20/2014 The Handlebar – Pensacola, FL

10/21/2014 Siberia – New Orleans, LA

10/22/2014 TBA

10/23/2014 Ground Zero – Spartanburg, SC

10/24/2014 TBA

10/25/2014 Hangar 21 – Shreveport, LA

10/26/2014 Riot Room – Kansas City, MO

10/26/2014 Hi Tone – Memphis, TN

As always, the dejected and vengeful hymns Today Is The Day delivers with their latest opus are among the most scathing passages of audio one will experience, as Animal Mother unloads just short of a solid hour of pure anguish. The band’s lineup features the rhythm section of bassist Sean Conkling (Regression, Burn Your Halo, Sprawl) and drummer Jeff Lohrber (Enabler, ex-Harlots), fronted by cult leader, founding guitarist/vocalist Steve Austin. Through fifteen diversified attacks,Animal Mother‘s wrath recalls elements of several seminal TITD albums, merging the dementia ofTemple Of The Morning Star with the blazing delivery of In The Eyes Of God, yet several acoustic and more melodic angles elevate the LP’s material to entirely different dimensions. The Animal Mother recordingsessions took place at the notorious architect’s own Austin Enterprises in the deeply wooded Maine wilderness this brutal past Winter, the material fully produced and mastered by Austin, and shrouded in original artwork by Samantha Muljat.

Album trailer:

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