CONCERT REVIEW: Igorrr – Otto Von Schirach – Club Academy, Manchester

Heading up to Club Academy, for the first time in a number of years and I had forgotten how cramped the stage was. The seating around the venue though is a welcome change from most of the other academy venues, it is the most intimate of them, although down in the bowels of the building the phone signal was non-existent.

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Igorrr Undergoes a Major Lineup Change

Experimental Metal band Igorrr has announced a major lineup change with the loss of both vocalists Laurent and Laurie. In a message to Facebook the group announced the major changes each artists reasoning behind the choices. Laurent has decided to step down from the band apparently because he doesn’t want to get a COVID-19 vaccine and the band can thus not tour with him. Laurie has decided to step dpwn from the band as well for pesonand pursue her personal life and be less fo a public figure. The band has added the greek soprano Aphrodite Patoulidou and JB Le Bail as our new vocalists, and Martyn Clement on guitar. This follows the news that the band will embark on a tour to promote their new album, Spirituality and Distortion, out now via Metal Blade Records. Continue reading

Svart Crown – Profane

Svart-Crown-Profane If you can get past the diabolical cover art (seriously, this kinda stuff is still a thing?) then Svart Crown’s third offering is a solid blackened death record that’s certainly a little look if time allows. These French chaps have been sitting on the fringes of the Gallic extreme scene for many a year and whilst they aren’t exactly breaking the fourth wall with their heavy as heck drives, they definitely have a little je ne c’est quoi about them that makes their furious pitches and wild howls worth checking out.Continue reading