CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: White Zombie – “Astro Creep: 2000” Turns 25

For many, the nineties would prove to be the end of heavy metal as we knew it. Bands who rose to greatness in the preceding decade suddenly found themselves either retreading old ground, out of their depth trying to explore new territories, or simply grinding to an unceremonious halt. Within just a couple of years, denim, leather and even the term “heavy metal” itself, were out.Continue reading

Sean Yseult Is Glad White Zombie Ended When It Did

In a new interview with Mitch Lafon’s radio show “Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon”, former White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult is at peace about when the band broke up and that she was able to pursue her true calling of art and photography. Yseult had previously expressed her disappointment about the end of the group, forced by Rob Zombie, during interviews and her incredible book I’m With The Band(Soft Skull Press), back in 2010. White Zombie was one of the greatest metal bands of the early 1990s, along with their peers like Pantera, Type Of Negative, Fear Factory, Marilyn Manson and more. Continue reading