St. Fenton The Tainted Share New Video – Death Wanders Home

British southern sludge metal duo St. Fenton The Tainted has shared a new video for their track ‘Death Wanders Home’. The track comes from their recent album Jaw of The Tyrant Hills (Hibernacular Records). Watch it below. Continue reading


Beneath The Silt – Sludge/Doom/post-Metal Roundup: feat Godthrymm, Mournful Congregation, Vile Creature

A début EP can be a very worthwhile investment for a new band, indeed. A chance to introduce the world to their sound and style, without having to commit to (or wait until you’ve written) a full albums worth of material; a chance to not just test the water, but begin to feel out what really works and what doesn’t within a band’s prospective oeuvre. And in the case of Godthrymm, boasting a cast of talented beasts a-plenty, they’ve more than made the most of the opportunity to plant their dark and melancholic flag. Continue reading