Integrity – Systems Overload

Integiry 1 Bands come and bands go. Some burn out without even making a ripple; others stand the test of time, line-up changes and beauracracy to become revered across genres. Integrity are one of those revered bands. They’ve been busy this year; with a recent European tour in support of new LP Suicide Black Snake. They’ve recently 2014, with the Systems Overload line-up and have just released a new version of that seminal album with a new mix and master. In their own words “it’s how they’ve always wanted it to sound”. Members Aaron Melnick and Robert Orr remixed this version of Systems Overload from the original master tapes. It was originally released as an exclusive vinyl for Record Store Day 2013, but has since been made more widely available by Organized Crime Records.Continue reading

Rites Of Separation – An Interview With Agrimonia

Agrimonia2-photo-by-Karin-Lindgren-e1363810356549 Agrimonia are masters of capturing raw energy on record and none more so than on their upcoming album Rites of Separation. Ghost Cult caught up with two of the five crust revellers, Christina (vocals/keyboards) and Pontus (guitar/backing vocals), to put their latest musical ventures under the microscope.Continue reading

Dawnless Days – An Interview with Shade Empire

Shade+Empire+pic7 (1) A figurehead of Finnish industrial metal, Shade Empire are set to release their first full length in almost 5 years Omega Arcane not long after signing to notorious metal label Candlelight Records. Ghost Cult caught up with drummer Erno Räsänen to find out how life in the fast lane is treating the band.Continue reading