ALBUM REVIEW – The Acacia Strain – Slow Decay – Rise Records

The Acacia Strain is back with a new album, Slow Decay (Rise Records), are as pissed as ever despite their last LP being released (checks notes) just last Winter? If memory serves, It Comes in Waves dropped rather surprisingly at the end of December. Okay then, on to Slow Decay. Hold up, most of these songs have already been released in the form of singles throughout the year.

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The Acacia Strain Has Released Their New Album – “It Comes In Waves”

The Acacia Strain has released a new album titled It Comes In Waves via Closed Casket Activites. The album was first announced last week on the band’s’ social media. The follow-up to 2017’s Gravebloom was recorded in the spring of 2019 and was mixed and mastered by Steve Seid of Graphic Nature Audio. The cover art was created by MFAXII.Continue reading