Watch ISIS Perform For The First Time Since 2010 At Tribute To Caleb Scofield

Post-metal legends ISIS reunited last night under the guise of “Celestial” at the Caleb Scofield tribute Concert at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. last night. It was the first time since 2010 when the band broke up after touring behind their album Wavering Radiant. They played an incredible set featuring songs from Celestial, and Oceanic. Also appearing last night were Caleb’s bands Cave In, Old Man Gloom, as well as Pelican and 27. The event was streamed live. Watch below. Isis’ set starts at 2:55:28. All proceed from the show will go to funds benefitting Scofield’s family. Scofield passed away earlier this year after a tragic auto accident. Continue reading

SUMAC – Love In Shadow

Big time artists do big-time things, at big times, to paraphrase my favorite sports analogy. 2018 is shaping up to be a crazier time in the world than ever, full of chaos, and special kind of hubris that fuels the mania. Art is typically a reflection of society, and for me personally, I have been clinging to art in a vain attempt to help save my own life in this tumultuous time. One of those artists giving me life has been underground supergroup SUMAC, with songs as big as the all caps in their name. Turning in yet another massive release with Love In Shadow (Thrill Jockey), the band peels back the curtain on this undercurrent running through all of us and shows us the glorious ugliness many choose not to see.Continue reading

Ether – There is Nothing Left for Me Here

I’ve given There is Nothing Left for Me Here (Dead Truth) a few spins now and I’m shocked that Ether has remained a secret in the underground metal community. It’s not like they’re novices to the game, these are former members of acts like Remembering Never and Into the Moat we’re talking about here. Judging by their welding of Sludge and Hardcore, it may not take long now for the secret to get out.Continue reading