Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada – The Ghost Cult Interview


We talked to Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada on the eve of the release of their new album “Color Decay” (Solid State Records). We chatted with Mike all about the new album, the band’s writing process, new elements in their songcraft, lyrical inspiration, and more!

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INTERVIEW: Scott Wilson of Demiricous on New Music, and The Music Business

We caught up with Scott Wilson of Demiricous all about their new album “Demiricous III: Chaotic Lethal,” out now from Post Recordings! We chatted about the band coming back from a time of inactivity, changes in the music industry, the Indiana/midwest metal scene, shoutouts to Wise Blood Records and Post Records, his personal influences, and more! Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Austin McAuley of LIMBS Talks About Their “Coma Year” EP

We caught up with Austin McAuley of LIMBS to discuss all things “Coma” Year – their new EP, out now via UNFD! Austin discussed his own journey in music, how he manages work in multiple projects, how the band creates together, insights into lyrics, and much more!Continue reading

PODCAST: Episode #187 – Carson Pace of The Callous Daoboys on “Celebrity Therapist” and More!

We caught up with Carson of The Callous Daoboys to discuss their new album “Celebrity Therapist” out now via MNRK Heavy and Modern Static Records. Carson discussed the origin of the band, their transformation from Pop-Punk in a previous band to Math Rock + whateverthehell music The Callous Daoboys creates now, and more!Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Connor O’Neal of Tejon Street Corner Thieves – The Ghost Cult Interview


Ghost Cult caught up with Connor O’Neal of Tejon Street Corner Thieves to discuss their new full-length album Thick as Thieves – out now on Amigo The Devil’s label Liars Club. We chatted with Connor about the last few years of the band, touring with Amigo, having sober members in spite of their hard-partying past, moshpits at Americana shows, their new lineup, creating a comic book to go along with the album artwork, and more!

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INTERVIEW: Chloé Trujillo on Her New EP “Heavy Peace”


We caught up with Chloé Trujillo , one half of her musical project with Mark Dalbeth (a.k.a. RAV MEDIC) – to discuss their new EP “Heavy Peace” – out now via Golden Robot Records. Chloé discussed her entire career, how she got her start in music, her various disciplines in the art such as painting, theater, and more, songwriting, a typical creative day in her life, the growing vast book collection taking over her house, and making music with her famous family, including her husband Robert Trujillo of Metallica, son Ty Trujillo ( Suicidal Tendencies, OTTTO), and daughter Lula!

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INTERVIEW: Concert Photography Legend Gene Ambo – The Ghost Cult Interview

Ghost Cult caught up with Concert Photography legend Gene Ambo, who just released his retrospective book “Heavy Metro: Access All Eras” via Stygian Press, co-owned by Jeremy Wagner of Broken Hope. Gene discussed his career photographing some of the most baddass artists ever, his connection to Chicago and The Metro, the history of concert shooting, covering hardcore, the old-school Chicago scene of Punk and Metal, what makes a great shot, the shift away from physical media and towards, early memories of shooting Metallica, Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies, Raven, Slayer, Black Flag, Riot Fest, Lollapalooza, a frank talk about photo releases, and much more!

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INTERVIEW: Anthony Chalmers of Baba Yaga’s Hut and Raw Power Fest on Booking, UK Music Scene Culture, and More


Ghost Cult’s Keefy caught up with UK show promoter Anthony Chalmers, to discuss the upcoming Raw Power Festival! We chatted with Anthony about his start in booking and promoting, the history of Baba Yaga’s Hut shows, how he overcame challenges from the pandemic, putting together a festival lineup, and how Raw Power has managed to stay so eclectic, and much more. The next Raw Power fest will be the last, so get your tickets at the link below.

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INTERVIEW: Alison Cotton on “The Portrait You Painted Of Me” – Raw Power Festival, and More

As part of our preview of the upcoming Raw Power Festival, Ghost Cult is hosting a series of interviews with artists on the bill, bringing a spotlight to some very deserving underground voices in music you ought to know about. Enjoy this Q & A with artist Alison Cotton, who recently released her new album The Portrait You Painted Of Me.

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INTERVIEW: Jordan Blum on The Genius of Opeth, Music Journalism, and More!


Ghost Cult caught up with author and music journalist Jordan Blum, all about his new book “Opeth Every Album Every Song” – out now! He also has books about Dream Theater and Jethro Tull! We talked to Jordan about his book writing process, what he learned about Opeth writing this book, his other journalistic endeavors, and much more!

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