Five Finger Death Punch Shares Video For “Inside Out”

Five Finger Death Punch recently released the first single from their new album, F8, due out on February 28th via Better Noise Music. Now you can watch the video for the track ‘Inside Out’. The track is offered as a free grat track for those pre-ordering the album, along with two more expected singles, at the link below.

The album will be available in the following formats: CD, digital download, mastered for iTunes download, double gatefold vinyl and picture disc vinyl. The band also curated special “F8” merchandise bundles of albums with exclusive t-shirts, hoodies and more available for pre-order now as well.

Guitarist Zoltan Bathory said: “We had an extremely successful, yet tumultuous couple of years as a band. We didn’t just weather the storm but came out on the other side better than ever. It was a focused sober group recording, our most important album to date and without a question it shows. This album represents rebirth, progression, transcendence both personally and musically.” Vocalist Ivan Moody added: “This record to me is ‘absolution’ — everything I’ve done in my life has led up to this moment.”

“F8” track listing:

01. F8
02. Inside Out
03. Full Circle
04. Living The Dream
05. A Little Bit Off
06. Bottom Of The Top
07. To Be Alone
08. Mother May I (Tic Toc)
09. Darkness Settles In
10. This Is War
11. Leave It All Behind
12. Scar Tissue
13. Brighter Side Of Grey
14. Making Monsters (bonus)
15. Death Punch Therapy (bonus)
16. Inside Out (radio edit) (bonus)

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Kaipa – Sattyg


Despite not being one of Prog’s most celebrated acts, Kaipa have magnificent legacy that spans near 40 years (18 years of which spent on a hiatus in fairness, but still not to be taken lightly) with a branch of prog that encompasses symphonic music, Swedish traditional folk and explorative, tangent minded melodies. Since their reunion in 2000 there has been a plethora of rich additions to their history, with Sattyg (InsideOut/Century Media) the band’s latest.

Their tendency for colouful, fantasy based atmosphere remains present on Sattyg, and musically it doesn’t venture from their previous sound, which in itself is a cauldron of diverse influences, and here even including hints of medieval-like instrumentation married with an overall classic prog warmth, all producing an eclectic sound that transmits an impression that is neither dated nor current, with slight shades of a metallic feel in part.

One of Sattyg’s real strengths is the vocal combinations of Patrik Lundstrom and Aleena Gibson, both in their own displays, Gibson in particular a unique and vocally free spirit, who excel as a combined force who wed their harmonies and interplay together, proving as adventurous at times as the accompanying musical shifts.

An aural swirl that indulges the senses for nigh on 70 minutes across 7 reflective, meditative and eccentric musical passages, the sextet casually unfurl their folky and progressive indulgences, unhurried and unpressured, allowing each track to expand and develop as if in its’ own microcosm. Yes, it may sit too much on the side of whimsy, for some but most will find an album with a multitude of layers, styles and nuances drawn from a palette of rich colours.

One of Progressive music’s underrated gems have added another jewel to their underplayed legacy.


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John Wesley- Disconnect

John wesley album cover


Although not the most household of names, John Wesley is a very important contributor to modern day progressive rock. Most notably John was band and touring guitarist for Porcupine Tree during their acclaimed period of In Absentia through to final album The Incident, as well as an understated solo career, with Disconnect (Inside Out Music) the latest.

Still under the prog rock banner, Disconnect is linked to the genre rather loosely, sharing considerably ground with some of the more inconspicuous components of prog and even at times with moody, post-grunge American rock. Reference points seem to include the likes of A Perfect Circle and Porcupine Tree whilst the likes of ‘Mary Will’ even have some ties with Goo Goo Dolls and the like.

As strong as John’s vocals are here, the real star is his guitar work which interchanges to strong melodic leads to a lower rumbling powerhouse, culminating on the clean acoustics of ‘Satellite’. At times the guitar tone even invokes Adam Jones of Tool’s unique tuning and use of short, but powerful notes. Alex Lifeson contributes to the track ‘Once A Warrior’ too.

Overall a brooding and melancholic album, Disconnect puts John Wesley’s formidable guitar chops right at the forefront, leading some very strong, straightforward and memorable song writing. Not hugely mind-bending and off-kilter as some under the progressive umbrella, but still with plenty of versatility, Disconnect is a highly recommended gem in a very low key solo career.


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