September 7th 2018 New Music Releases




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Infera Bruo Signs With Prosthetic Records, New Album Due This Fall

Cult black metallers and low-key supergroup Infera Bruo have signed a new deal with Prosthetic Records, and will release a new album this fall. Cerement will be available on all digital outlets, compact disc and black and grey smoke vinyl on September 7th. Featuring members of Trap Them, Cul de Sac, and Pillory, the band has also dropped a new single, ‘Shroud Enigma’, which you can hear below. Continue reading

Abbath – Obsidian Tongue – Sangus – Infera Bruo: At The Sinclair

Abbath,, by Daniel Nyman Photography

Abbath,, by Daniel Nyman Photography

Many touring bands today enjoy their seldom “days off” while on the road. Every once in a while, a touring band will use these days off and turn them into one-off shows nearby to their trek. Abbath provided Boston with such an occasion, a day before the first official stop on the tour they were supporting. Add in a few solid local openers inside a smaller venue such as The Sinclair and you have quite the show for a Tuesday night! Continue reading