Anaal Nathrakh – Akercocke: Live at The Asylum, Birmingham UK

It’s another one of those typically cold, grey April evenings in central Birmingham. Slowly darkening skies, a distinct chill in the air, and a dense pall of doom hanging over The Asylum as it’s clear that first band Khost are already on as I arrive. Luckily, the band are only a couple of songs in, but the slowly gathering crowd are already enraptured by the duo’s atmospheric industrial grind. Continue reading

Author & Punisher – Beastland

In every genre of music, there are true artists that push boundaries and stand out from the crowd. In the industrial metal world, Tristan Shone’s Author & Punisher is doing just that. His latest release, Beastland (Relapse), is a continuation of the evolution of what industrial metal can be. Tristan is a mechanical engineer who built his own instruments that have expanded and evolved over the course of his discography as has the material he has written. This fact alone puts Author & Punisher really in a genre of its own. Continue reading

Anaal Nathrakh – A New Kind of Horror

With song titles like ‘Mother of Satan’ and ‘Obscene as Cancer’ its easy to understand that an Anaal Nathrakh album is something that needs to be in your heavy metal rotation and A New Kind of Horror (Metal Blade) is worthy of that distinction. Continue reading

Voivod – The Wake

One of the challenges for any band is the creation of a signature sound; that all-important, defining quality which will make them instantly recognizable above all others. The fact that Canadian proggers Voivod have changed their style so many times over the years (they have been labeled Thrash, Speed, Industrial, Sci-fi, and even Nuclear Metal) yet have always managed to retain their unique identity, is a laudable achievement. Continue reading

Rammstein Is Almost Finished With Their New Album

Legendary industrial metal band Rammstein is nearly finished with their new album, due out in 2019. The band shared their progress via photos posted to their social media accounts. Although unconfirmed by the band, previous interviews with the band in the last few years indicate this may be their last album and a world tour to follow. Continue reading

Throat – Bareback

Throat’s Bareback (Svart) is the type of album you used to notice getting high marks in magazines like Pitchfork or NME. You know, the types of magazines that you got into for a brief while in college right around the time you started drinking lagers and attempting to smoke cigarettes. You didn’t particularly care for most of the articles, but reading these musical journals sure raised the right flags. You are cultured. You are no longer the rube with the cheap shoes. Continue reading

Stabbing Westward Books New Headline Tour Dates

Industrial metal legends Stabbing Westward recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of their hit record Darkest Days (Columbia). On the strength of their recent reunion tours, the band will embark on another run of tour dates to celebrate that album this fall. The eleven-date run of shows is on sale now and more dates may be added by demand. The band has actually not released new music since 2001’s self-titled album in 2001, but fans remain hopeful there may be new Stabbing Westward music eventually. Continue reading